Boxing is a combat sport that is widely participated in by many athletes from around the world. The sport has produced several top-caliber and world-renowned boxers who have graced the squared circle.

Today, boxing continues to entertain a large part of the world. It also has become a lucrative business in this modern age, with big companies vying for a spot in a big bout and boxers becoming celebrities with great influence in their country. Take, for example, Manny Pacquiao. He started from the bottom and became an eight-division world champion, then a senator in the Philippines.

Let’s take a look at the Best 10 Boxing Reddit Posts.

1. Gennady Golovkin Has Titanium Jawbone

“Middleweight power puncher Saul Alvarez lands a MASSIVE overhand right on Gennadiy Golovkin’s titanium chin, who eats it like it’s nothing.”

In September 2017, two experienced and lethal boxers met in the ring for the highly anticipated showdown—Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennadiy Golovkin—who are also regarded as two of the best fighters in the world. The bout took place in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena, in front of a sold-out crowd of more than 20,000 fans, and it became the third-highest gate in boxing history.

During the 9th round at 1 minute 37 seconds, Saul landed a solid right overhand on Gennadiy’s left cheek, but the Kazakh Thunder was seemingly not dazed by the strong punch. (Posted on Boxing Reddit by u/PrettyBoyFloydx)

2. Oscar De La Hoya Out of Vitor Belfort Fight Due to Covid-19

“[Oscar De La Hoya] Wanted you to hear directly from me that despite being fully vaccinated, I have contracted Covid and am not going to be able to fight next weekend. Preparing for this comeback has been everything to me over the last months, & I want to thank everyone for their tremendous support”

(Posted by u/noirargen)

The Golden Boy won’t be making his comeback this month after he tested positive for Covid-19, and this was confirmed by MMA Fighting with multiple sources close to the fighters and the promotions. Oscar De La Hoya was forced to withdraw from his September 11 boxing bout against former UFC champion Vitor Belfort. It is expected that heavyweight great Evander Holyfield will step in as a replacement.

This fight could have been the 48-year-old’s return to action after announcing his retirement back in 2009. His last fight was with Manny Pacquiao in 2008. Oscar was one of the biggest box-office draws in combat sport, capturing world titles in six different weight classes during his prime.

3. Oscar Valdez Tested Positive For VADA-Banned Phentermine

“WBC places Oscar Valdez on probation, will not strip title”

Oscar Valdez’s 10th title defense fight will proceed as planned, although his A and B samples both tested positive for the VADA-banned phentermine. (Posted by u/ElPuas2003 on Reddit Boxing)

The sanctioning body declared their decision in a lengthy statement full of praise for Oscar. He has a record of 29-0, Win23 KOs, that he will not be stripped of his super featherweight belt, citing the boxer’s previous negative tests and cooperation. In addition, they claimed that phentermine does not have any documented in-competition performance-enhancing effect or advantages and that it’s an appetite suppressant.

4. Pretty Boy vs. The Golden Boy

“Floyd “Money” Mayweather displays good defense against Oscar De La Hoya and even gets in two sneaky right hands in between The Golden Boy’s flurry while against the ropes (0:37 second mark).”

Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr., two of the greatest boxers the world has ever seen—seen in a clip posted u/PrettyBoyFloydxclashed in one of the greatest boxing fights in the history of the sport. The fight happened at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas on May 5, 2007. It was billed “The World Awaits.”

Oscar had put his WBC light middleweight title on the line for the bout. While he proved to be one of the toughest opponents that Floyd had faced, Pretty Boy ultimately won the match via split decision.

5. The Fast Hands of Amir Khan

“People laugh at Amir Khan’s defense and vulnerability but let’s take a moment to appreciate him at his best vs Devon Alexander. Speed is fun to watch”

The type of skill set that Amir Khan has would have made him a huge star in boxing. But one thing that keeps the Brit boxer going for him is his tremendous hand speed, and he has one of the quickest in the sport.

He may not be quicker than Mayweather, but he’s not that far off. However, this poses a disadvantage to Amir most of the time since he’s willing to let his hands fly, that he often neglects his defense. This is usually a big problem for someone like him who has a suspect chin. (Posted on Boxing Reddit by u/disgruntledarmadilo)

6. Deliberate Tactical Fouls of Andrew Golota

“The Ingenious Fouls of Andrew Golota -Technique Breakdown”

(Posted by u/NotCausedManatee)

Andrew Golota could have been great, or maybe not. But, instead, he is remembered as one of the unscrupulous and mentally unstable fighters ever to lace up a pair of gloves. His vast potential dissolved amid a barrage of head-butts, low blows, neck bites, and bizarre behavior. The Polish fighter became known as “The Foul Pole,” a moniker that might be the most appropriate in boxing history.

7. Manny Pacquiao Got Knocked Out Cold

“After going 0-2-1 against Pacquiao in their previous 3 fights, Juan Marquez times a perfect right hand to viciously shut Pacquiao’s lights out in the 6th round of their 4th and final fight. This is Marquez’ only official win over Manny.”

Despite being the underdog in their fight, Juan Manuel Marquez had knocked out boxing legend Manny Pacquiao in the sixth round of the fourth installment of their storied rivalry. This was the biggest upset in 2012. Each man had earned a knockdown early in the fight, with Manny pushing the tempo. (Posted by u/PrettyBoyFloydx on Reddit Boxing.)

The Dinamita was reeling for most of the fifth and early sixth rounds while Pac Man was landing some heavy shots, and that’s when he had started for Manny. Marquez was fighting off his heels throughout the fight, but it wasn’t until Pac Man had dropped his hands and stuttered step that he opened a window for Marquez to land the final blow.

8. Strategic Techniques of Canelo Alvarez

“Does this dodge Canelo does have a specific name or technique? Or is it just a pullback that looks cool”

Mexican boxer Saul Alvarez, more popularly known as Canelo, which is the masculine word for cinnamon, a common moniker for people with red hair, is one of the biggest fighters in the world. Canelo’s fighting style is not that of a traditional boxer, especially Mexican, as they are explosive and fast.

But for Canelo, he decided to take a methodical approach. He likes to break opponents down throughout the match and wind either by decision or late stoppage. Another significant component of Canelo’s arsenal is his defense, employing impressive footwork, moving in and out of range, and attacking and defending from angles, just like in the clip of u/authenticfennec.

9. Savage Knockout By Roberto Duran

“Roberto Duran Decapitates Lou Bizzaro”

In this fight in 1976, Roberto Duran traveled to his opponent’s hometown in Erie, Pennsylvania, to defend his WBA lightweight world title. His opponent, Lou Bizzaro, had used the huge ring in frustrating Duran, but the champion finally caught up with him.

Ultimately, Duran had sent him to the canvas twice before being saved by the bell. The brave challenger did well to continue with some assistance from the referee until the 14th round, when Duran finished him with an incredible knockout punch. (Posted by u/EastGlencoe)

10. Mark Magsayo Exceptional Knock Out Punch

“Mark Magsayo Knocks Julio Ceja Out Cold - At the time of the stoppage Magsayo was behind on all three scorecards”

(Posted on Boxing Reddit by u/Tom_Cody)

Mark Magsayo was down on scorecards and appeared to be on the brink of defeat when he found his second wind and knocked Julio Ceja out cold 50 seconds into the 10th round in Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena p for their WBC featherweight title.

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