Black Mirror has been a global phenomenon since coming to Netflix in 2016. Inspired by The Twilight Zone, this series stands out because of the eccentric storylines closely resembling what could happen in the future. The series showcases the worst-case scenario situations, causing fans to proceed with caution regarding existing and any developing technological advances.

Currently, 22 episodes and a movie have aired in this anthology series, with no new episodes coming any time soon.

In the meantime, here are the best 10 Black Mirror episodes (found at r/blackmirror), according to fans on Reddit. Watch Black Mirror on Amazon Prime Video to get caught up.

10. Hate in The Nation

The “Hate in The Nation” is the last episode of season three and focuses on how social media influence can have real-life consequences. Because bees were almost extinct, a company created drones to perform the same functions as organic bees. However, these drones are doing more than pollinating flowers. A former employee for the company manufacturing these bees finds a way to punish despicable behavior by getting users to use the hashtag #DeathTo. Whoever is the most popular person under this hashtag will be killed by the drones bees at a particular time, resetting the game to target another person. Eventually, everyone using this hashtag is killed as the police closed in on the person responsible. U/unique_uday shared this hilarious meme reminding us of the real menaces of this episode.

9. Fifteen Million Merits

This meme posted by u/osanos is a Black Mirror episode come to life. Much like the second episode of season one, “Fifteen Million Merits,” people ride stationary bikes to earn incentives.  It is unclear what the incentives are for this gym, but the characters in this episode use the earned merits for food, skipping ads, and entering a contest.

8. The National Anthem

“The National Anthem” is the first episode of Black Mirror, and making it through this episode was a test of tolerance. After this episode, many people gave up on this show because of what Prime Minister Callow had to do for Princess Susannah’s safe return from her captors, which was engaging in a sexual act with a pig. The episode did not show the actual act, but viewers could feel the second-hand humiliation. This meme is ironic of the famous Peppa Pig (who does get mentioned in this episode), who accurately describes the reaction to the infamous episode. Thanks to u/Jugran_Samarth for this post!

7. Nosedive

U/olivine92 posted a tweet from @stevelacys reminding us of season three’s first episode, “Nosedive.” The more a person seems happy or enjoying life, the higher their rating. A person’s social media rating is how society treats them, from where you live to receiving preferential treatment in areas like medical treatment with a higher rating. In reality, a person with thousands or millions of followers on social media can open doors to endorsements or furthering careers. I hope the day does not come where our social media status dictates our way of life.

6. The Entire History of You

It is safe to say Reddit users enjoyed season one since all three episodes have made it to the list. “The Entire History of You” is the last episode of season one, and this meme posted by u/ianconery gives us the plot, in which things did not turn out well for Liam. Implates called “grains” record a person’s memories that can be replayed for yourself and others to see. Liam confirmed suspicions of there being more to his wife’s relationship with a guy named Jonas. Through the grains of these three, we find Liam’s wife and Jonas rekindled their flame when she became pregnant. I felt bad for Liam having to witness the infidelity through his wife’s memories and completely understand why he got rid of his grain.

5. Black Museum

Wrapping up season four, “Black Museum” had intertwining stories that brought a satisfying twist at the end of the episode. This meme posted by u/manolis_k is one of the stories shared in this episode. A husband was offered the chance to experience life with his comatose wife when her consciousness was uploaded into his head with an implant. The wife was literally in the husband’s head! Unfortunately, this did not end well for the wife as she was transferred to a stuffed monkey, eventually being forgotten by their son.

4. White Bear

The second episode of season two, The “White Bear,” displayed a unique form of punishment for a heinous crime. Throughout the episode, viewers felt sorry for this woman who could not remember who she was while trying to stay alive. This changed when the woman’s identity and her part in a crime against a child was revealed. After she learns the truth, the woman’s memory is wiped. She once again forgets who she is, reliving the same day over and over again. In this post by u/GreatSpartain, this meme reminds us of the item from Men In Black that erases memories. At least, Agents J and K wanted someone to forget about aliens!

3. USS Callister

“USS Callister” is the first episode of the fourth season, giving homage to Star Trek in a twisted way. Daly (played by Jesse Plemons) is a game developer who takes his frustrations out on his coworkers in a private version of his successful online game. He gains the DNA of disliked coworkers, adding and controlling them in the game version not available to the public. Daly gains access to the lollipop of his coworker’s son and tortures his coworker by pushing the son into space. U/KoolaidKooler posted this meme describing what Daly might’ve been thinking when he got the lollipop. Through teamwork, the coworkers could trap Daly in the game and stop him from causing harm to anyone else.

2. Shut Up and Dance

Episode three of season three is the episode “Shut Up and Dance.” Much like the “White Bear” episode, finding out the twist at the end was disturbing and much worse. Kenny’s shocking secret was disappointing and made viewers feel dirty for wanting to satisfy the hackers so his embarrassing moment would not get leaked. This post shows the appropriate reaction when rewatching this episode.

1. White Christmas

“White Christmas” is the final episode of season two and the best episode of Black Mirror, according to Reddit users. Jon Hamm starred in this episode where he was able to control how time is perceived to a person in a device called “cookies,” making two minutes feel like months have passed. Due to several cities being on lockdown due to the pandemic and citizens remaining at home, this meme describes how many people felt. Weeks felt like forever, especially to people who have active lives and are not used to staying in one place for long. Thanks to u/SpoonfulOfSerotonin, for this meme!

Thanks to Reddit users posting their favorite Black Mirror episodes! Check out Black Mirror now on Amazon Prime Video if you have time. Only time will time if we’ll get another season.