Six years ago, Black Clover charged into the manga scene. Its first chapter was fittingly published in Weekly Shounen Jump with Dr. STONE and My Hero Academia. But, in stark contrast to all the dark subversions and series obsessed with creating genre-breaking “twists,” Black Clover broke the mold by being as unabashedly shounen as possible.

Tapping into the deep nostalgia of past shounen series, while taking a few cues from current ones, Black Clover leaned as hard as it could into being as hot-blooded and shounen as possible.

Asta refuses to give up, and sure enough, pure willpower is enough to give everyone the last wind they need to seize victory. Black Clover bucked the trends that had overtaken the shounen genre for years at that point, proving that some “outdated” trends weren’t outdated after all. Readers were hungry for the nostalgia of the past, and Black Clover more than delivered.

Without further ado, here are the Best 10 Black Clove Reddit Posts in 2021 from the r/BlackClover subreddit you need to see.

10. Mangaka are still people!

A recent author’s comment in issue #39 of Shounen Jump has got fans both supportive and worried. In the wake of some high-profile deaths within the industry, as well as mixed reactions to recent chapters, fans want others to cut their author some slack and let the man have a break.

Feel better soon, Tabata!

9. Tattoos!

First-time tattoos always cause people the most stress, as many people want them to be special.

So what could be more special than an awesome scene from an excellent series?

U/therealgamingshack posted a picture of their first tattoo, showing off a beautiful panel from the manga, also inspiring a few other users to consider getting some Black Clover-inspired tattoos!

8. Musical Talent Galore

Warning: *spoilers for episode 167*

Fandoms are gatherings of people from all walks of life, which leads to all sorts of talented people converging to create tributes to the series they love.

One fan took the chance to create a cover of the series’ first opening, turning the rock medley into a heartfelt piano piece.

Prepare to have your nostalgia tickled, and your heartstrings tugged!

7. A Wall

Yes. A whole wall.

Warning: *spoilers for all of vol. 22*

Speaking of fandoms gathering a variety of talent, user u/kevineatsgfuel covered an entire wall in scenes from the manga. Sacrificing a copy of volume 22, the volume was microwaved to loosen the glue and remove all the pages without damage. They used hefty coats of ModPodge to paste and seal the manga to the wall.

Anything is possible with some elbow grease and ingenuity, huh?

6. Visual Crossover

Say what you want about how Bleach ended. Tite Kubo’s artwork was undeniably polished and full of style, which inspired an artist to blend the two cover styles, eschewing Black Clover’s maximalist aesthetic for something more minimalist.

Black Clover’s unique character designs shine against clean backgrounds and stylish framing via text!

5. Oof.

When your Grimoire looks a bit strange, your “magic” is not magic, and there’s something dangerous running wild within your body. Unfortunately, this tends to create some issues with the general population.

Even if it looks like Asta has currently been struck with the curse of being an unappreciated shounen protagonist, one day, he’ll get his chance to shine even brighter within the Clover Kingdom!

4. Euphonium! (No Kumiko Included)

The Black Clover fandom once again dazzles us with more covers--this time a Euphonium one!

Brass covers aren’t something you see every day, and OP kills it, taking advantage of the full sound of a euphonium to create a resonant cover of Black Catcher.

3. Traditional Art is So Last Year… Unless it’s Embroidery

Someone’s significant other decided to pick up embroidery, presenting our OP with a handstitched scene from the manga!

The black and white medium of manga makes it perfect for embroidery by both beginners and pros alike!

2. Minimalism Does Not Mean Boring!

A talented artist inspired by Devliman Crybaby fittingly decided to give Asta a poster that matches the dark and mysterious power within our protagonist.

While our protagonist has a sunny disposition, his anti-magic is far from matching that bright personality, and this artist has perfectly captured how dangerous he can indeed be.

1. Naming Your First-Born

In this post, OP mentions wanting to name their son Finral.

The man has also incorporated his wife’s choice (“Rowan”) into the son’s planned full name, but many other users needed to comment on the child’s future.

Namely, what happens when he’s old enough to go to school?

Nowadays, manga and anime are becoming more mainstream, but it’s still something to consider.

That’s all we have for the Best 10 Black Clover Reddit Posts from the past year. Black Clover has become a favorite of many people, garnering all sorts of talent and theorizing for every new chapter and season. The series is far from over, so be sure to look out for more content!