Black Desert Online is a Korean MMO launched by Pearl Abyss in 2017. Fans can play the game on PC, Xbox One, PS4, IOS, or Android. With 20 million players on mobile and over 30 million active players in total, the game has a large, dedicated fan base. With amazingly detailed character customizations, an ever-expanding list of classes and gameplay options, and a beautifully rendered world, it’s easy to see why so many people are getting hooked.

The game has a pantheon of characters, jobs, and stories, and die-hard fans on Reddit are sharing their experiences in the addictive and beautiful world at r/blackdesertonline. If you love Black Desert Online, you might already be on this subreddit. But, for all the fans out there that might’ve missed them, here are the Best 10 BDO Reddit posts you need to see.

  1. A Strange Sage

Black Desert Online’s Character customization allows players to adjust almost every aspect of their character down to their hair strands. In a great example of character customization in Black Desert Online, user u/Merc408 creates a stunning likeness of Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange for his sage class.

They managed to capture the piercing eyes that make us all fall for the British actor. I’m sure Doctor Strange’s likeness will feel right at home in the mystical world of Black Desert.

2. Cosplay A-foot

Another stunning resemblance. In this post, u/IllusiveManJr posts a hilariously accurate “low-cost cosplay” of a popular midrange character, Hashashin, wielding his signature curved blade, the shamshir.

While perhaps not as graphically detailed as the game, one has to give them props for the likeness.

3. So You’re Saying There’s A Chance!

If you play Black Desert Online, then chances are you’re familiar with the incredibly low percentile chance of success when it comes to enhancing your items. Unfortunately, the higher your item’s enhancement is, the more difficult it is, requiring you to fail your enhancement and therefore increasing your chance at the next attempt (Failstacking). In this post, u/bborock posts a meme that glimpses at the minute odds hilariously.

To enhance to max level (PEN), the base chances of success are .03%, making your 3.63% chance of survival 100 times more likely. That sounds like great odds to me!

4. Counting

The enhancement system in BDO finds itself the focus of many memes. This one, posted by u/StarboyBellyjewel, pokes fun at the concept that after level 15, the enhancements change to a different classification system.

When you spend as much time Playing BDO as many of its dedicated fans, it becomes hard to break out of the leveling mindset.

5. I Just Can’t Quit You!

Perhaps the enhancement system’s low percentile success rate is enough to cause even the grittiest of players to feel the desire to give up entirely, but the allure of this game always seems to draw players back in. This meme by u/Zeciarz shows that vicious cycle all too well.

When you experience a world as beautiful and immersive as BDO is, it’s hard not to come back to it. There may be a .03% chance to enhance gear, but chances are much higher that you’ll want to come back to this game no matter how many times you try to walk away.

6. Goodbye Kakao

After many years, Pearl Abyss took over their publishing from Kakao games. In this post, u/YumeNeDai gives the old publisher a final farewell. While grateful that the company published BDO, many players had negative feelings toward Kakao games as they attempted to create more pay-to-play mechanics within the game. Therefore, many players are excited to see Pearl Abyss gain control of their own game and eagerly await to see how they move forward.

7. Ooooh, Shiny!

As mentioned before, Black Desert Online is a beautiful game. With great lighting and amazingly rendered landscapes, it’s hard not to pause in awe at the scenery. u/AlpacaSuri points this out with their post titled “Every screenshot on r/blackdesert be like:”

It’s hard to blame them, though, as the graphics often feel photorealistic at times and the world created has such vibrancy. So it’s okay to stop and screenshot the roses every once in a while.

8. Great Inspiration

The fantastic and massive world of BDO is an excellent source of inspiration for many artists. The fanart that comes from the game is just as breathtaking as the world of the game. For example, check out u/yi-ngo’s painting of a battle with three of BDO’s iconic character classes as they rush into battle against a horde of mobs. They manage to capture the feeling of epic combat as you charge into new and familiar areas in hopes of clearing them.

9. Encore!

Here’s another fantastic piece by u/yi-ngo, with even more characters in iconic battle poses. Ranger, Wizard, Maehwa, Warrior, and striker fight it out in epic style.

If you look close enough, you might even spot Ninja using stealth.

10. No gains, no gains

The grind is one of the main draws to MMO’s for many players. A constant sense of progression makes us all feel good about the games we play. In this hilarious meme adapted from, u/Violet-Fox captures the grind of all classic MMO’s as well as Black Desert Online. And while you may not always be moving on up to the next area, it sure feels good to get those faster clears.

And with that, we conclude our list! Check out r/BlackDesertOnline for all your BDO memes, art, and game discussion. But don’t worry, if you miss anything, will be sure to catch you up on the best posts for all your favorite games and more.