When you think of North American eSports, there is perhaps no more instantly recognizable organization than Team Solomid. First founded by Andy “Reginald” Dinh in 2009, TSM has grown to be one of the biggest and most successful organizations in the eSports world. TSM currently has players in many games, including League of Legends, Apex Legends, Valorant, Hearthstone, and Fortnite. With such great success and a wide-reaching audience, it is no surprise that TSM has gathered a large fan base with a lot to say and share within their community! Now, let’s take a look at the ten hottest posts across the TSM subreddit (r/TeamSolomid) over the past year.

  1. The Friends Intro but TSM video

As TeamSolomid’s current AD Carry Lost once put it, “Friendship is OP.” That seems to be the sentiment carried by this awesome video posted by Reddit user u/mitsubishimacch.  Using the classic comedy Television Series Friends’ theme, fans are treated to clips of the 2020 League of Legends professional team sourced from the org’s award-winning vlog series, TSM Legends.

2. The TSM Bjergsen Announcement

There is a saying that all good things must come to an end. While this is universally true, it is easy to see in the responses to a video shared on Reddit by the organization’s official account (u/TSM) that the fan base wasn’t quite ready to see the historic playing career of beloved League of Legends Midlaner Bjergsen come to an end. However, fans don’t need to be too sad as Bjergsen will be sticking close by as the team’s new head coach! We can’t wait to see what success he will attain in his new role.

3. TSM Playoffs Shrek 2 Meme

The League of Legends team ran into some difficult times during their playoff run last split, and in response, long-time fan favorite Mid laner Bjergsen had to pull off some major heroics to carry the team through the lower bracket. This TSM Reddit post shows the team's journey with a video from Shrek 2.

4. TSM At World Big Hero Six Meme

After a miraculous lower bracket playoff run, LCS fans were excited to see how far the 2020 iteration of TSM would be able to make it in the World Championship. Unfortunately, as indicated with this meme posted by u/vinzleon16, the team had a record low 0-6 score at the end of the group stage, failing to make it into the Knockout round. This was the first time the 1st seed from any major region failed to claim a single win in the group stage, and fans were obviously upset about the performance. At least they can still laugh at great memes like this!

5. Goodnight Sweet Prince meme

At the end of the 2020 summer offseason, another major roster announcement hit TSM fans. Doublelift, the AD Carry who helped lead TSM to its most successful LCS runs in organization history, hung up his mouse and keyboard for retirement. Doublelift’s retirement hit the entire LCS fan base incredibly hard, as he achieved so much domestic success with three different organizations: CLG, Team Liquid, and of course, Team Solomid. In this meme, created by Reddit user u/ThirteenthGhost,  Doublelift is sent off by the meme-reaper alongside his iconic catchphrase “Everyone Else is Trash.”

6. Bjergsen Heat Map meme

Today’s competitive eSports scene is driven by analytics. Analysts love to track player statistics such as time in lane, gold advantages, and damage shares. In this meme, u/SnoopCena conducted a different kind of analysis. His conclusion?  That Bjergsen is indeed the NA GOAT! Now that looks like the kind of heatmap that coaches were able to go over happily during their reviews after Bjergsen’s carry performances!

7. The LCS Champions Image!

After winning a record seventh domestic title last summer, the LCS commissioned this amazing artwork from ffSade of the League of Legends team, taking on some elements of their most memorable champion picks. The image was shared in celebration of the victory by user u/lakstick. Team Supports Biofrost and Treatz appear as Rakan and Thresh, respectively. Doublelift holds Senna’s rifle, BrokenBlade wields Camille’s hook shoot, and Spica is in the stance of his meta-breaking pick Shen. Finally, Bjergsen wields time just like his unbeatable pocket pick Zilean.

8. TSM Worlds Scrims meme

Referencing an iconic scene from Pirates of the Caribbean, Reddit user u/LurkerSighted made this meme in response to a comment from G2’s Jungler Jankos about the poor general quality of the scrim games he and his team had been having before the Group Stage. G2 had been underperforming, losing to the traditionally weaker NA organization. TSM fans can be glad that they still got the chance to poke some fun at the other regions, even if the team didn’t fare well in the Group stage.

9. TSM Election Meme

The 2020 United States presidential elections made the news for all the wrong reasons. Claims of false reporting and general misinformation were rampant across the internet. TSM ADC Yiliang Peng, better known as Doublelift, didn’t miss a chance to make his own jokes about the situation, claiming that the team had finally made it out of the Group Stage of the World Championship. However, as we saw in the post earlier in the list, the team went 0-6 instead. Nice try, Doublelift!

10. Welcome to TSM, SwordArt

After all of the NA teams encountered difficulties during the Worlds Championship 2020, all big organizations were itching to make some significant improvements to their roster. TeamSolomid made some waves by signing new support, SwordArt! SwordArt made it to the championship Finals with Suning gaming while representing the LPL. Though he could not help carry TeamSolomid back to the World Championship this year, fans are optimistic about the growth he was able to show over the 2021 season and are confident in his return next year.

Team Solomid is an organization with a rich and successful history. Fans and rivals alike are excited to see what steps the organization will be taking next year, but no matter what they do, TSM and their fans are sure to have a lot to say about it!