Tennis is a beautiful sport full of grace, elegance, competition, and emotion. As a result, tennis is one of the more popular sports worldwide, and fans are incredibly passionate. Here are the 10 Best Tennis Reddit posts for tennis fans to enjoy.

1. Battle of the Sexes

Who could forget? The most notable, most famous tennis match that has ever existed in the eyes of sports fans. The Battle of the Sexes. This post by u/thisisbillgates is wholesome and pure. It references the 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, in which King won. The "Battle of the Sexes" movie is one that every tennis fan should watch if they can. This is one of the more influential movies of its generation, and the match itself was a real game-changer for the sport of tennis all around.

2. Rafa, Joker, Roger appreciation post

This post by u/KentBrockmanKrusty is hilarious but also describes the competitiveness that Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic play with. Three guys at the top of their games for being great at tennis while also being legendary enough in the same era speaks for itself. This is an appreciation post for these three tennis legends, and we can be sure the game will never be the same without them due to their competitiveness and willingness to go 110% every time they touch the court. It's funny because them playing past 45 is realistic, just like Tom Brady.

3. Pandemic has been real long

This pandemic has taken hold of the world for the last 18 months, and this lighthearted meme by u/Phaedrus took the tennis community by storm as they wondered when the pandemic would end so that tennis fans could go back to their regularly-scheduled programming. Of course, this also referenced the Josh Isner and Nicolas Mahut 2010 Wimbledon match that lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes that Isner finally won.

4. Serena Williams is different

Five years ago, this great news headline by u/ederotic references just how dominant Serena Williams was at tennis. Since she was better than everybody else on the tennis court, she decided to take on South Korea herself and held her own for the most part. I don't think they have an answer for Serena Williams.

5. Lose-lose situation for all parties involved

This classic superhero meme by u/Juan_Punch_Man is excellent. In the Redditor's words, it was time for players on the men's tour when this meme came into the tennis community. Rafael Nadal was so dominant a year ago that players were making business decisions during this time when COVID started to rise rapidly.

6. Classic Serena vs. Cat meme

This classic woman vs. cat meme posted by u/JOTIRAN referenced the tirade that women's tennis legend Serena Williams went on against the chair umpire during a 2018 U.S. Open match after the umpire accused Williams' coach of cheating. She would commit multiple violations during that tirade she went on and ended up losing the match. Nevertheless, this was great content.

7. Stop the count

This classic Donald Trump meme by u/223am is a reference to Donald Trump thinking that he was cheated out of the last presidential election, in which he lost to Biden. Tennis fans felt as if Djokovic was given points and ultimately given the victory by the umpire despite Federer being up for most of the match during their 2019 Wimbledon final match. Federer fans had to be mad after this match was over.

8. Rafa fixing the court after a practice

This video was reposted to the tennis community a year ago by u/SIzzat. It explains how humble tennis legend Rafael Nadal is. He isn't a guy who cares that much about the fame that comes with being a great tennis player and a fantastic athlete overall. He is also known as a person who brings his own gear with him everywhere he goes. In the video, he was shown to be fixing the court after practicing for hours.

9. She's a fighter

From a fan's perspective, this Drake meme by u/Lemurians explains how women's tennis matches were a year ago. Tennis fans were mad at the commentators because they would not talk about what was going on in the match, but they would instead talk too much about the stuff that had nothing to do with the match. The fans were probably nitpicking more than anything at the commentating that went on.

10. Tennis Racket Throwing Match

This hilarious meme by u/Imaginary-Account-37 explains just how competitive tennis players can be. When things don't go their way in a match, they throw their tennis rackets to show the world how passionate they are. Some players will even go as far as to throw their tennis rackets into the stands. This is a wholesome meme, and it's a good thing that tennis players have picked up on this.

That's all we have for the 10 Best Tennis Reddit Posts for tennis fans to enjoy. Tennis is a great sport with even better players. We look forward to seeing the exciting matches to come!