Snowboard pants are arguably the most essential item on anyone’s snowboarding shopping list. Snowboard pants should be lengthy, durable, warm, and waterproof. The wrong snow pants could be a disaster for anyone riding on the slopes, amateur or professional. With that being said, here are the 10 best snowboard pants for durability.

  1. The North Face Freedom

These are arguably the best snowboard pants on the market. These pants stand out from the rest in many different ways, and according to Gareth Simpson of Elan Snowboards, it’s the Chimney Vent that stands out. “This is advanced ventilation that makes sure that all unneeded heat is removed from the pants almost instantly,” Simpson says. In addition, people can see the material is different from others the minute they step on the slopes or the hill. The last important piece of technology involved is the Dry Vent, which ensures that you stay warm.

2. Burton AK Gore-Tex Cyclic

These Burton snow pants are one of the best snow pants you will find in stores all across the globe. The material, fabric, technology, and features are all top-notch. You will not find many snowboard pants better than these in the market. According to Lorraine of Snowboard How, the best part of these pants is “the Cyclic is the Living lining” because the layer material can quickly adapt to the weather. Even though these pants are more expensive, there is a reason the price for these pants is high.

3. Volcom Freakin Snow Chino Snowboard Pants

Snowboarders should heavily pursue these modern, slim-styled Volcom snow pants. The price for these pants is affordable, and the features are great too. These pants have the fabric and material to put the others to shame. According to Casey Fiedler of Outside Pursuits, these pants are “useful in a much broader range of weather than normal pants.”

4. Columbia Bugaboo IV

These Columbia Bugaboo pants are the definition of good but not great. If there were any catch to this, it would be that these pants have excellent values despite the good but not great features it has. Travels Auro doesn’t love the qualities that these pants possess, but they love the “60 g MicroTemp insulation, and Omni-Heat technology that helps regulate your body temperature.” It does not necessarily stand out from the rest of the competition, but it gets the job done to protect the snowboarders hoping to shred the hill with these pants on.

5. Spyder Men Dare GTX Pants

If you want pants that stand out because of their hard shells, you’re at the right part of this list. These Spyder Men’s pants also stand out because they “offer the perfect balance between thermal protection, water-resistance, and comfort,” according to reviews on Travels Auro. They also mention that these pants “offer excellent weather performance thanks to the Gore-Tex fabric.”

6. Ride Central

These bib-style snow pants are one-of-a-kind pants to get. These pants are in high demand because of the comfortable and affordable bibs that you get out of these pants. According to Lorraine, these bibs give you a “free feel on the hill,” which is essential for snowboarders. She also says that the pants are water-repellent, which is good for waterproofing.

7. TSLA Men’s Windproof Insulated Snowboard Pants

Equipped with DuraTex technology with multi-layer insulation added, these pants are durable and stylish for long periods. They are the pants that every athlete demands to have on a snowboard pants shopping wishlist. According to one of the more respected snowboarding sites Globo Surf, these pants can support freestyle snowboarding because of their flexibility.

8. Volcom Ashton

The two key features that separate these Volcom snowboard pants from the rest of the pack are the handwarmer pockets and the breathable lining system. These are great pants for women to try because they have waterproofing, and they are comfortable. In addition, they are low cost.

9. 686 Standard

What stands out about these snowboard pants is that they are highly affordable, and you can get great value for these snow pants. According to Lorraine, these snow pants also offer “decent waterproofing, comfortable fit, good ventilation, and critically taped seams.” Another feature that stands out from the others is the modern fit of these pants made to maneuver around the slopes, which is possible because of the InfiniDry 5K mm.

10. Volcom L

These are some of the more comfortable snowboard pants that you will see on the market. These pants have the winter weather protection you need and will give any snowboarder the room to move comfortably through the slopes. In addition, they have the durability that most snowboarders require. According to Lorraine, these pants “set the standard” for comfortability.