Snowboarding gloves are one of the more essential pieces of equipment when you are building a snowboarding kit. Numb, frostbitten hands can easily distract anyone from snowboarding to their full potential. The most significant factors you should look for when buying a pair of snowboarding gloves are that they have excellent insulation, are waterproof, have dexterity, and are durable. Whether you are starting or are an Olympian, these are the 10 best snowboard gloves in the game.

1. Burton Profile Gloves

These gloves are the best gloves to buy if you want to snowboard and one of the best Burton snowboard gloves out on the market this year. These gloves are touchscreen-friendly, which means that you can swipe on your phone all you want if you need to. Jo Richards of Extremepedia recommends these gloves due to the DryRide 2 layer that will “keep your hands toasty on the slopes.” Another factor that makes these gloves great is that they are durable and have features to have your hands at peak comfortability. One criticism of these gloves that Richards pointed out in his review is that “they are prone to rip if in contact with rough surfaces,” and these gloves are “prone to leak from time to time.”

2. Hestra Army Leather Heli 3 Finger Glove

One of the prominent features that Casey Fiedler of Outside Pursuits loves about these gloves is that these gloves have a different build from the others. These lobster-style mits are this way to “help strike a balance between warmth and dexterity.” The goatskin leather palms are there to help you grip almost anything out there, and they have excellent insulation, making them one of the warmer gloves on the market. A couple of cons that Fiedler points out is that these gloves “need to be treated from time to time,” and they are not waterproof.

3. Burton Gore-Tex Gloves

These gloves are one of the best pairs of high-end gloves a snowboarder can get on the market. The Gore-Tex technology and the Burton insulation that these gloves possess are a big reason these gloves can keep a person warm for long periods. In addition, Richards says that these gloves “have great touchscreen control, which is essential in this day and age.” However, one considerable criticism Richards points out is that the quality of these gloves will “vary from pair to pair.”

4. Hestra Vertical Cut CZone Gloves

This set of gloves stand out for one reason and one reason only. These are incredibly durable gloves, and they are a great fit on any hand. Plus, they also come with flexibility. According to Richards, these gloves “contain a CZone layer for extra waterproofing.” He also mentions in his review that these gloves “are a great choice for an advanced snowboarder.”

5. Black Diamond Men’s Guide Gloves

The Black Diamond brand stands out from the others because “it is a brand that focuses on climbing, skiing, and winter mountain sports,” according to Fiedler. Now you don’t have to wonder why their gloves also stand apart from the others either. These specific gloves are known for being waterproof and highly durable despite being leather gloves.

6. Dakine Men’s Titan Gloves

According to Amazon reviews, these Dakine Titan gloves are more breathable and waterproof with the Gore-Tex Insert. These gloves are not cheap, but they aren’t too expensive, and they give great value for the price. These gloves are easy to clean, but they can end up running sizes too large for the average snowboarder.

7. Gordini Men’s GTX Storm Trooper II Gloves

These Gordini Men’s gloves differ from the others because they are waterproof and provide excellent warmth. With the Gore-Tex technology built into these gloves, these gloves are made to be multi-functional. The one factor that stands out with these gloves is the grip that they have. One criticism pointed out by Richards was that these gloves are not touchscreen friendly.

8. Solaris 3M Insulation Ski Gloves

These gloves are the coziest, warmest gloves you will see around, making them highly comfortable. In addition, these gloves are waterproof and touchscreen-friendly, which could help snowboarders navigate the area easier. However, according to Richards, one criticism of these gloves is that they may rip easier than others and that rip could be an effect of shorter finger length.

9.  Gordini Promo Gauntlet Gore-Tex Gloves

Although these gloves are very light, they are extremely durable. According to Fiedler, these gloves are simple and to the point. They are also highly affordable. However, what stands out about these gloves is the Gore-Tex that these gloves provide.

10. MCTi Waterproof Mens Ski Gloves Winter Warm 3M Thinsulate Snowboard Snowmobile Cold Weather Gloves

One of the best features of these gloves is that they are insulated with warmth, and these gloves are made for a custom fit. According to Amazon Reviews, snowboarders like this glove for its durability and because these specific gloves are waterproof. They are most known for being one of the warmest pairs of gloves on the market. One criticism of these gloves is that they do not have a touchscreen function that comes with them.