If you ask Seattle Seahawks fans, they would most likely say that this last decade has been great to them. A Super Bowl win that was never close, another Super Bowl appearance a year after that. They should be happy to be Seahawks fans as the team hasn’t had a losing season in 10 years. The Seahawks have a great fanbase with one of the coolest fanbase names in all of football. Their fans are just as loyal and loud as any other fanbase - things are great in Seattle! With all of that being said, here are the 10 Best Seahawks Reddit Posts all ‘Hawks fans need to see.


Why wouldn’t we start this off this list with a bang? These skittles represent the Seattle area with something unique to the city and their professional football team. These are also special because former Seattle RB Marshawn Lynch loved to eat Skittles during games, and if he were playing today, he’d love these too. Eight years ago, this was brought to the Seahawks community by u/holla_snackbar.

2. Now Kiss

The Seahawks were inconsistent last season. Their offense throughout the first half was on fire when they let Russel Wilson cook, but their offense faltered when relying on Wilson the second half of the season, which meant their terrible defense had to come to save the Seahawks’ playoff hopes. This awesome meme by u/TheTortureCouch showcases the inconsistency from the Seahawks.

3. Region of Room

It was only eight years ago when the Seahawks had the best defense in the league, and nobody could seem to move the ball on them. Now, the Seahawks are just average on the defensive side of the ball. They were one of the worst defenses in the NFL before the halfway point of last season before improving their defense. This meme by u/makoivis explains how far the Seahawks defense has fallen since the Legion of Boom days.

4. Seahawks fans teasing the Bears for missing out on Russell Wilson

Early in the offseason, Russell Wilson had problems with the Seahawks front office and coaching staff, which led Wilson to threaten the Seahawks front office with a trade request. The Chicago Bears were one of the teams Wilson was considering going to, but the Bears didn’t do enough to get the superstar QB in the Windy City. This meme by u/DaYvngGOAT comments on the Bears missing out on the Russell Wilson sweepstakes early in the offseason.

5. DK Metcalf finishing 9th in the Men’s 100M

Here is a Seahawks appreciation post for star WR D.K. Metcalf for competing in the Men’s 100m race during the offseason. Metcalf ran 10.3 seconds in the race and finished 9th place among all competitors. It’s incredible for a football player to compete in track events like this and be competitive against some of the fastest athletes in the world. D.K. is living up to being one of the fastest players in the NFL despite his stature.

6. Laughing stock

Now, they’re in the NFC cellar…”

This meme by u/Mrdean2013 explains the Seahawks rivalry with the San Francisco 49ers. This rivalry has heated up, especially in the last decade since the Seahawks and 49ers have both turned into contenders to win the NFC West division. In this meme, Seahawks fans were teasing their archrival 49ers for being last place in their division at the beginning of the season a year ago. This post is great rivalry banter from Seahawks fans.

7. What a shot at Russ

“Every damn year”

This Eric Andre meme by u/StudBoi69 explains the Russell Wilson MVP campaign last season and how Russ squandered his chance late last season to win MVP for the first time in his career. Fans detail how Russ’s bad play towards the end of last season cost him the MVP title instead of other factors.

8. Simpsons Crossover

I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

This classic Simpson’s meme by u/JustForJon explains the classic press conference response from former Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch right before their Super Bowl matchup against the Patriots in 2015. No matter what happened later that day, we can all agree that Marshawn gave the world great content that day.

9. “This edible ain’t s**t”

What a legendary, all-time meme by u/alpengeist3. As most sports fans know, this is one of the greatest plays in Seahawks history. This play happened during a Sunday Night football game between the Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals last season. The post shows Seahawks WR D.K. Metcalf attempting to chase down Cardinals safety Budda Baker after Baker picked off Russell Wilson near the goal line. Unfortunately, the Seahawks lost this game, but they did win with this meme.

10. Life as a Hawks fan

Despite making the playoffs last season, Seahawks fans were a little worried about how Seahawks games would go throughout the season. They were wildly inconsistent as a team, whether it was the defense failing them early in the season or the offense failing them late in the season, which led to Seahawks fans making their frustrations about their lives as loyal fans of the team known on social media. This classic meme by u/91hawksfan represents the feeling of Seahawks fans through every game last season.

That’s all we have for the 10 Best Seahawks Reddit Posts fans need to see. The Seahawks are an exciting team to watch, so be on the lookout for more winning seasons and great content from their Reddit fans community!