One of the most convenient ways to keep your personal and private information safe online is using a password manager. It’s a vault that securely stores your password and information on your computer or cloud. This encrypts or creates randomized combinations of your password, so it would be hard for malicious users or bots to crack. These password managers can also protect you from giving away your personal information unintentionally.

What are the upsides of having a password manager? First, all of your passwords are stored in a single account, and the only password you’re ever going to need when logging in to different sites is the safe’s master password. Second, it also has the autofill feature. So instead of letting your web browser save your personal information, it’s a safer alternative to allow the password manager to store it safely for you.

Take a look at our 10 Best Password Managers Reddit Recommends list so you can decide which one to get.

1. 1Password

The World’s Most-Loved Password Manager

1Password believes everyone deserves to be safe online, and millions of customers and over 80,000 businesses trust the password manager to keep their most important information. It combines industry-leading security with award-winning design to bring secure, private, and user-friendly password management to everyone.

“I really like 1password… syncing is a godsend between devices. And it just… works.” (Best Password Manager Reddit - Posted u/reisareisa)

2. Bitwarden

The Most-Trusted Open Source Password Manager For Business

Bitwarden is designed with the most security-conscious user in mind, helping individuals, teams, and organizations worldwide with its password management solution. Private information is protected before it leaves the device using end-to-end encryption. In addition, its source code, infrastructure security, and features are improved and vetted by Bitwarden’s global community, accessing the system anywhere in the world with any platform in forty languages.

“I go with Bitwarden… I’ve been using it since 2016 and never had any problems with it.” (Posted by u/danielovida)

3.  LastPass

Password Management From Anywhere

LastPass uses military-grade AES 256bit encryption, implemented with salted hashing and PBKDF2 encryption keys to protect from brute-force attacks and other threats. All encryption and decryption of sensitive data are done locally on the user’s computer, so only the encrypted sensitive information is synced with LastPass.

“...have recommended LastPass to many people, especially ones who aren’t super tech-savvy. Easy to use, integrates with browsers.” (Posted by u/DocSharpe - Best Password Manager Reddit)

4. Keeper

Cyber Security Starts Here

Keeper is the best and most downloaded secure digital vault and password manager. It manages and protects passwords and other sensitive information directly from your devices. Each day, Keeper protects millions of users from data theft and hackers. It uses a proprietary zero-knowledge security architecture, and it’s the most certified and audited product on the market. Keeper has an intuitive interface for computers, tablets, and smartphones.

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“I have used Keeper for years now…” (Posted by u/TruNatty)

5. KeyReel

Smart Security Assistant

The concept of KeyReel is using your phone as a cloud-free login key, converting it into a smart security assistant that unlocks the web for you when you need it. Credentials are stored on the phone, and when in Bluetooth range of the computer, these are then transferred to the computer’s auto-filling, logging in automatically. Once the phone’s out of range, it automatically logs out all the open accounts. No typing. No master passwords. No cloud storage is required.

“If you want something that is both secure and easy to use, you can try keyreel.” (Best Password Manager Reddit - Posted by u/schreik)

6. KeePass

Password Safe

KeePass is an open-source password management framework that helps manage passwords and other sensitive information securely, putting everything in one database that is locked with one master key or a key file. The database is encrypted with the best and most secure encryption algorithms, AES and Twofish.

“The main reason why I went with KeePass is because you can secure your password using a key file and not just a password.” (Posted by u/matkam)

7. Firefox Lockwise

Take Your Passwords Everywhere

Firefox Lockwise is a web browser password manager as well as mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. Lockwise is simply part of Firefox on desktop, whereas, in iOS and Android, it’s a standalone application. It has 256-bit encryption that protects the information while syncing. Passwords can be accessed securely with Touch or Face ID.

“...I now use the Firefox browser. Their password manager is called Lockwise, and it is just the best I’ve used. It is so intuitive, and changing your passwords has never been an issue. Plus, it’s free!” (Posted by u/15030 - Best Password Manager Reddit)

8. Securden

Password Vault For Enterprises

Securden was built with a rebellious spirit to shake the status quo of the IT security sphere’s sky-high pricing, complexity, and undue dependence on consultancy services and make the security software simple to deploy, easy to use, and highly affordable. Securden is adapting to the latest technologies in cybersecurity and delivering innovative solutions.

“If you prefer a self-hosted password manager, check out Securden Password Vault. Started edition is free for personal use/small teams.” (Posted by u/cybersecmaster)


Open Source Password Manager

Psono is designed to create, store, and share passwords securely with others across multiple devices and uses Curve25519 and Salsa20 in the form of NaCl or Networking and Cryptography Library. Its servers utilize PyNaCl, while the frontend uses ecma-NaCl, which are both well-established implementations of NaCl. The multi-level encryption starts with a client-side encryption layer, allowing proper end-to-end encryption for password sharing.

“They have a good API. It’s what we use.” (Best Password Manager Reddit - Posted by u/iekozz)

10. Password Boss

The Leader In Password Management For MSPs

Password Boss is a complete multi-tenant, end-to-end password management solution for MSPs that securely stores the business and client’s passwords. The award-winning password manager features role-based access, multi-layered security, remote control tool integration, secure password sharing, built-in Dark Web scanning and monitoring, and many more.

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“We are using Password Boss for selling down to our customers. We have a few hundred users on it and positioning it as a differentiator in some new opps. It works well, and it’s a nice addition to our stack.” (Posted by u/2100TechGuy)