Last season was another great one for the Packers, in which they reached the NFC Championship game before crashing out to the eventual Super Bowl champion, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This past summer was a drama-filled offseason for the Packers. From the Aaron Rodgers trade rumors to the Davante Adams trade rumors, this year has been nothing short of fun for Packers fans to witness. The Cheeseheads should love this list of the Top 10 Packers Reddit Posts of 2021.

1. Time changes all of us, even the great ones

To start our list off, here’s a simple but pure meme by u/CheeseheadDave. Green Bay changes everyone, even the great Aaron Rodgers. This picture needs no other explanation.

2. Leonard Floyd gets juked and meme’d into eternity

This is a great meme by u/Stirfash. One of the best Packer plays of last season.

3. ZaDarius Smith honors Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor was killed by police in the comfort of her own home while being asleep in March of last year. Her death was one of the many deaths that shed light on the injustices that Black Americans have faced in this country for centuries. In a Monday Night football game against the Atlanta Falcons, Za’Darius Smith pulled down his undershirt after making a play to reveal a message in support of Breonna Taylor. This post was by u/BasedDalton.

4. Packers fans show they are willing to go the extra mile

This Packer fan u/residentjared has the ultimate Michael Jordan meme, with plane tickets to Jacksonville. Saints fans did not think Packers fans were willing to go the extra mile to see their team play on opening night. They also questioned whether Wisconsin has any humidity during the summertime. The Saints picked the wrong group of fans to mess with.


“F*ck you Brady”

This post by u/bigtingless illustrates the hate and jealousy that Packers fans have towards Tom Brady. Packers fans have the same reason as other Brady haters to hate the greatest QB ever to play the game. This Packers fan called out Brady on a cake.

6. Jamaal Williams pre-game routine meme

This hilarious meme by u/RestrictedJaireSpace demonstrated the pre-game routine that former Packers RB Jamaal Williams had before football games during warmups. You can tell he is happy to wake up every day knowing that he plays football for a living. He is seen in this video making dance moves before a game, while the Vibe Cat is dancing with him to upbeat music played in the meme. Anybody else wondered what music Williams was dancing to?

7. The chase for a second Super Bowl title

This meme by u/yeliMVP69 is representative of Aaron Rodgers’ chase to another Super Bowl ring since his last in the 2011 Super Bowl. The Packers have lost 4 NFC title games since that championship, and the Packer fanbase is craving another one. This season, everybody on the Packers is all in on the goal for their longtime franchise QB to bring a Super Bowl back to Titletown.

8. All my homies hate Adam Schefter.

This hilarious meme by u/Rip401k represents how Packers fans felt about Schefter when he reported on rumors involving Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. Packers fans felt like Schefter lied about having sources when he first released the article to the public leading up to the day of the 2021 NFL Draft. This was a big storyline throughout this past offseason. Rodgers wanted out of Green Bay until the longtime Packers QB decided to play another year for the team, despite not getting the support he needed from the organization.

9. Packers Sea Shanty

“Soon may the Rodgers man come

To bring us points

He’ll pass and run”

The Packers’ new fight song is a fan favorite amongst Packers fans, as this song makes u/Cred811’s day. The original Shanty, created by Packer fan Joseph Salvo, embodies this year’s Packers road to the NFC Championship game. The song mentions how Aaron Rodgers led the Packers, including Davante Adams, Jamaal Williams, Aaron Jones, and Robert Tonyan. This TikTok represents how loyal Packers fans are and that they have a claim to be one of the best fanbases in the entire league.

10. Packers Sign Trolls the rival Chicago Bears

This great political meme by u/02K30C1 demonstrates how much better the Packers are than their biggest rival: the Chicago Bears. It also demonstrates how far the Packers think their arch-rivals have to go before they can truly catch up to them. Both the Republicans and the Democrats in Wisconsin will agree with this sign.

That’s all we have for the 10 Best Packers Reddit Posts of 2021. The Packers are in the midst of another exciting season. Hopefully, they can go all the way and bring back the Lombardy to Wisconsin!