Body transformation and weight loss journeys are some of the most challenging roads that average human beings decide to put themselves through. However, no matter what the motive is for changing their lives, people worldwide attempt to do it every day, and you can’t help but root for these people along their journey. At Orangetheory, their primary mission is to make sure that their members are trying to change their lives and get guaranteed results, one class at a time. These 10 Before and After Reddit posts are the best body transformation journeys that happened to people when they took workout classes at Orangetheory Fitness.

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1. A year of OTF

“So I looked it up… and then immediately got spammed mercilessly by Instagram ads until I finally signed up for a free class.”

That’s one way to get a member to sign up for an Orangetheory class. 2 years ago, u/samraseru signed up for their first Orangetheory class and showed the Reddit community their progress after a year of classes. Before that, they found out about the gym from an episode of the Netflix show Queer Eye. After getting into their first class, they never looked back from that point forward. One of the best things that came from their experience was that they felt welcomed into the community.

2. 1 month of OTF

After the pandemic seemed to take a toll on him, u/TheOnlyBigDaddy took Orangetheory classes when he decided it was time to change his lifestyle. After a few classes and some weight loss, u/TheOnlyBigDaddy says happiness is taking over and will continue through more classes. He even inspires other Redditors in the Orangetheory community by saying, “Push yourself to the limits, you got this!”.

3. 2nd place finish

Three years ago, u/KonaJenn showed the Orangetheory community her progress after finishing second place after her studio’s TC Challenge. You can see the changes that she made with her tank.

4. After 30 Days

Ten months ago, u/DropshipTyler showed the OrangeTheory community his progress after only 30 days with OrangeTheory, in which he took 16 classes. This guy’s journey consisted of bringing the pace up during his workouts and implementing a slow-carb diet into his life, which resulted in him losing 15 pounds. The results are already there when you look at the before and after pics that he posted.

5. This is... Different

Four years ago, Redditor u/garryegan showed the community his face pictures, which showcase the before and after shots after a year of being in Orangetheory. The face pictures shown are different from what most Redditors usually see when they want to look at motivation pictures before starting their journey.

6. Before and after - 10 months of OTF

This user u/mrs_barney showed the Orangetheory community her transformation pics after ten months of lessons. (This was four years ago, by the way).


After nine months of Orangetheory, u/BokehBlur shows his results to the Orangetheory Reddit community. Six workouts a week with a clean diet seems to be helping this guy out on his transformation journey.


u/littlehart811 shows the world what a recovery looks like when it works.

9. 4 workouts a week will certainly get the job done

u/sab_josephson started her journey two years ago, and a little over a month later, she started to see immediate results after working out four times a week. She burned over 8,700 calories and gained over 560 splats through her workouts during the 1st month of her journey.

10. 1 year in

After a year of being in Orangetheory, u/sublime4372 recommends it. What a weight loss journey in the middle of a pandemic.

That’s all we have for the 10 Best Orangetheory Reddit Before and After Posts to Inspire You. Orangetheory has garnered an incredible and supportive community. So if you’re looking to change up your lifestyle, consider giving them a try!

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