Golf balls are essential for success on the golf course, especially for beginners. Several factors have to be considered when buying a golf ball, like the overall compression of the ball, the feel of the ball, the pricing, how they hold up in certain weather conditions, the distance of the ball, and the control of the ball. That being said, if you are trying out golf for the first time, here are the 10 best golf balls for beginners you should try.

  1. Titleist Velocity

These are the best golf balls in the business if you are a beginner or a professional. These golf balls are just different from the others. Yes, they have the distance, but they also have the mid-range ability due to the low, soft feel of the ball. In addition, the dimples on the ball make sure that the ball is sharp on the trajectory and the angles. According to Paul Bradshaw of the Golf Assessor, one criticism of these golf balls is that they are “a bit expensive.”

2. Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls

These golf balls come in various colors and have the new Truetouch Core technology, which allows the balls to remain in the air after that first hit. Most of these golf balls will come with the ability to cover long distances, and these golf balls are no different. Bobby Hurst of Golfer Pros says that beginners should “love this ball” by showing them that “golf is easy when the right equipment is used.”

3. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

One of the features that stands out with these golf balls is that they can “provide a softer feel on all pitches, chips, and putts,” according to reviews on Amazon. The low compression core of these golf balls allows them to provide a good spin when the ball hits the green. Hurst did not like these golf balls because this set doesn’t favor those with fast swings.

4. Nike PD Long Golf Balls

Besides the flashy neon green color and great aesthetics, these golf balls are highly affordable and can give you great value. According to Bradshaw, one feature about these sets of golf balls that stand out is the high-velocity core that provides the ball with more distance when hitting off the tee.

5. Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls

What stands out about these golf balls is that they have almost everything a beginner is looking for. According to Hurst, the feature that stands out the most is the soft feel of the ball. The low compression core these golf balls possess is a huge factor in why they can go long distances.

6. Strata Boom Golf Balls

One thing beginners will love about this set more than the others is the LONG distances these golf balls can cover when hit. In addition to the long distances, this set of golf balls is also good for accuracy. These golf balls are affordable, and they are full of color.

7. Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls

The best thing about these golf balls is the air resistance you get with the ball’s dimples. Another great thing about these golf balls is that they also have great control over the course. They also react to the course well. One thing that Hurst doesn’t like about this set is that they tend to “lose momentum after landing.”

8. Taylormade Burner

One of the things Bradshaw likes about these golf balls is the dimples and the feel they have because of the ball’s compression. He even made a bold claim, saying that these golf balls “feel like a Titleist V1, but for a whole lot less money.” However, these golf balls still have great distances and are claimed to be valuable for their price.

9. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

Did the name give it away? Of course, it did. These golf balls are best-equipped for long-distance shots if you are starting. These golf balls are highly affordable like the next set of golf balls, and they are great for long-term durability. Hurst did not like these golf balls because it didn’t favor golfers who had slower swings, which means that it didn’t favor beginners.

10. Wilson Ultra 500 Distance Golf Ball

One of the true beginner balls for beginners who want to cover long distances on those first shots off the tee to start the match. One of the best features of this ball is that this ball is relatively cheap compared to the others. Hurst did not like the product because control was sacrificed so the distance could thrive.