Gaming headsets are one of the most common accessories that appear in many gamers’ toolkits. Headers offer a great deal to gamers, whether they are being used to give an audible edge in a competitive match or to talk with online friends with ease. However, picking the right headset can sometimes feel unnecessarily tricky.

That’s where sites like Reddit come in. Conversations about the best headset frequently appear on Reddit, and the users believe some headsets are better than others. Here are 10 of the Best Gaming Headsets, according to Reddit.

10. Steelseries Arctic 7 - $150

The Steelseries Arctic 7 is a controversial headset on Reddit. Many people rave about the brand, while others recommend spending your money elsewhere. User u/Grebnitty seems to think they’re worth it, saying that they are the “Most comfortable headset I’ve ever owned.” As such, the Arctis 7 barely makes it onto the list. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to work with Xbox, so maybe something to keep in mind?

9. Audeze Penrose - $300

The most expensive headset on this list, the Audeze Penrose has to do a lot to make itself worth it. As user u/energyo found out, its sound quality is excellent, and its wireless functionality is a great bonus. However, the Audeze Penrose are too costly for some people, plus they aren’t flaw-free, hence why they’re so high on the list.

8. Logitech G432 - $49

Reddit user u/chrismacca24 summarizes the G432 perfectly, saying that he can’t complain given the price. And what a low price the G432 is. And what’s surprising is that you still get a surprisingly good sound quality. Of course, its quality and comfort are inferior compared to other headsets in this list, but that’s somewhat to be expected given the low price. If you have the money to spend, I’d suggest getting a different pair, but this headset will treat you well if you are on a serious budget.

7. Sennheiser HD559 - $100

Sennheiser is a brand that appears quite a few times on this list. This model, in particular, is a popular one amongst Redditors who use a separate mic with it, such as u/freakingwilly, who pairs it with a Boom Pro Combo. Plus, the headset’s open-back design allows for higher sound quality. The most significant downside would be that it doesn’t come with a mic. However, if you just wanted it for the audio, then this could be a good deal for you.

6. Sennheiser HD 560S - $200

User u/BenoNZ believes the HD 560S to be reasonably priced and very comfortable. This headset is similar to the HD559 but with general upgrades that make it worth the price increase—a good choice among the higher-end headsets.

5. Sennheiser Game One - $130

The Sennheiser Game One is the third and last Sennheiser headset on this list, and it sports the most balanced deal. User u/lLazzerl puts it nicely when he says that, for its price, “it offers good quality sound and is very comfortable.” It also comes with a mic, negating a significant downside of the last two Sennheiser headsets.

4. Audio Technica AD500X - $87

Moderator of r/Gaming_Headsets u/LifelongCaboose made a chart talking about some of the best headsets, and he named the Audio Technica AD500X as one of the best budget open-back headphones. It’s got excellent sound quality and comfort with a low price to boot. Unfortunately, there is no attached mic, but the low-cost lets you spend more on a quality mic if needed.

3. Cooler Master MH-751 - $80

A low-priced headset that’s been recommended to many headset hunters, the MH-751 offers quality comfort, sound, and a mic for a lower price than most other headsets on this list. Plus, the closed-back on the ears helps with keeping outside sounds away. User u/blAnonAld claims that they are one of “the best closed-back gaming headsets at this price range.”

2. Blackshark v2 - $100

u/BlakeOppenheimer found a lot of love with the Blackshark v2 headset. Amazingly comfortable with surround sound capabilities, as well as a detachable mic, this headset offers so much for just a little bit extra. And if you wish to use it wirelessly, you can also get the Blackshark v2 pro at $180 on Amazon, alongside all the other upgrades it would come with.

1. HyperX Cloud II - $80

The most recommended headset on Reddit is the HyperX Cloud II. It found its way to the hearts of many Redditors, including u/zacyboy6, who has used the headset for five years. They offer a fantastic amount of quality and comfort with durability to ensure you can keep using them through thick and thin. So if you wanted to find a headset that would last you a lifetime, this would be the best pair to put your money towards.

There you go, ten of Reddit’s most popular and talked about headsets. Of course, everyone will have different needs from a headset, so rarely will there be a single best one. However, if Reddit has anything to say, you shouldn’t go wrong with any of these. Happy hunting!