Video games are surging nowadays, with so many genres to choose from, from role-playing and puzzles to simulation and sandbox. And anyone can play these games almost anywhere. All you need is a laptop or smartphone, and you’re good to go. As more and more people—young and not so young—are drawn into the virtual gameland, merchandise is also on the rise.

One of the most sought-after computer accessories is a mouse, and for more extreme players, they want to have a mouse that can help increase their advantage, like bridging blocks in Minecraft. That’s why we have selected The 10 Best Drag Clicking Mouses You Should Buy list for you to find the right one for you. Enjoy!

1. Redragon

M711 Cobra Gaming Mouse

Either for work or gaming, the Redragon M711 Cobra Gaming Mouse can provide your multiple needs with five adjustable DPI settings and take advantage of its on-the-fly DPI switching to match mouse speed to gameplay demands instantly. In addition, it has the AVAGO chip to capture fast and accurate movement for precise control. The mouse also offers precision and comfort for the hands while using it.

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ROC-11-730 Kone Pure Ultra-Light Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

The ROCCAT ROC-11-730 Gaming Mouse provides great ergonomic comfort and weight, just 66.5 grams. As a result, it ranks among the lightest mouse peripherals on the market. The specially developed coating developed by ROCCAT provides incredible grip while being durable and easy to clean. It also features the latest ROCCAT Owl-Eye Optical sensor with 16,000 DPI for exceptionally sharp accuracy and tracking capabilities. This is perfect for serious gamers who seek unfiltered performance above all else.

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3. HyperX

Pulsefire Core RGB Gaming Mouse

Featuring 3327 Optical sensors for DPI settings up to 6,200, the HyperX Pulsefire Core is a comfortable RGB gaming mouse with precise and smooth tracking without hardware acceleration. The symmetrically designed mouse peripheral fits claw and palm grips with textured sides for a non-slip grip. It also offers gaming-grade switches output and crisp tactile feedback rated for 20 million clicks, as well as seven programmable buttons using the HyperX NGenuity software.

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KONE Aimo Gaming Mouse

The ROCCAT Kone Aimo has a stunning and striking design that triumphantly channels the legacy of its predecessor, which was initially released back in 2007, and the first ROCCAT product that set a new standard in the industry with its groundbreaking innovations. It boasts refined ergonomics with enhanced button distinction and RGB double light powered by the state-of-the-art AIMO intelligent lighting system, as well as its Owl-Eye Optical Sensor.

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5. Bloody

A70 Optical Gaming Mouse

The Bloody A70 Gaming Mouse uses innovative LK (Light Strike) technology that utilizes infrared Micro-Switch to react at light speed with extreme 2.0 ms click response. It’s designed to redefine the standards of accuracy and speed, with its Infrared-Wheel having the capacity to turn over a million times. In addition, the Metal X’Glide Armor Boot eliminates friction on nearly any surface for smoother motions, improved accuracy, and precise cursor movements.

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Kain 102 AIMO RGB PC Gaming Mouse

The ROCCAT Kain features a comfortable ergonomic shape and Titan Click technology for vastly improved click balance and precision. You can experience perfect tracking and aim with a Pro-Optic R8 optical sensor with 8500dpi. Its illumination eco-system provides RGB lighting and LED that has 16.8 million customizable distinct colors. The overhauled Titan Wheel 2.0 scroll wheel unlocks solid clicks and responsive scrolling steps. Its exclusive Omron switches last up to 50 million clicks.

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7. Redragon

M601 RGB Gaming Mouse

Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse is a durable gaming mouse that delivers up to 7,200 DPI and is user adjustable. The high precision sensor delivers pinpoint accuracy with micro switches, ensuring longevity and greater durability with extreme responsiveness during PC gaming or computer editing work. In addition, it features a weight-tuning set, anti-skid scroll, and durable, smooth Teflon feet pads for ultimate gaming control.

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KONE XTD Optical Max Customization Gaming Mouse

ROCCAT Kone XTD has 6,400 DPI, and its optical sensor guarantees supreme gaming dominance. Customize the look of your Kone XTD with the four configurable LED lights that display brilliant colors with a variety of active effects. The Kone XTD also features ROCCAT’s comprehensive driver suite that provides total control over your mouse. It went through rigorous testing and offered a wide array of ergonomic features designed for comfortable marathon playing.

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9. Trust

GXT 180 Kusan Pro Gaming Mouse

The Trust GXT 180 Kusan Pro is extensively tested by team epsilon and provides superior high-end quality materials, offering a lightweight and ergonomic design that perfectly fits every gamer’s needs. Designed with an ambidextrous factor, anyone can use it for both left- and right-handed gaming. In addition, the perfect finger and palm grip, combined with the anti-slip coating, ensures optimal control in any situation.

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10. HK Gaming

Mira S Ultra Lightweight Honeycomb Shell Wired RGB Gaming Mouse

HK Gaming Mira-S mouse is one of the world’s lightest RGB gaming mice, thanks to its lightweight honeycomb shell. It uses the Pixart PMW3360 gaming sensor for a maximum resolution of up to 12,000 CPI. It’s designed to be ambidextrous and ergonomic in shape, optimized for both right- and left-handed users, with two extra buttons for added convenience, as well as anti-slip grips, dust cover, and extra mouse skates.

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