Most Chelsea F.C. fans would say that Fulham is title town around West London. They would be correct because the last two decades have been where Chelsea F.C. has turned it up a notch. They have won numerous soccer titles around Europe starting in the 1990s, and they have not looked back since then. The European soccer titles Chelsea F.C. has accumulated over the last two decades include the UEFA, Premier League, and the Champions League. Chelsea F.C. is the only club to win all three major European events twice. For all the Chelsea F.C. fans out there, these are the 10 Best Reddit posts you need to see.


This pic posted by u/marsellusDjango depicts Chelsea captain Dave (there is a great story to this nickname) having a morning coffee while hanging out with the Champions League trophy looking down on a view of the great city Porto. This is a great picture that Chelsea fans will love.

2. Frank Lampard Appreciation Post

The Chelsea F.C. fan community appreciates Chelsea legend Frank Lampard, who has been critical since his playing days first started in 2001, who helped jump start the run that Chelsea has been on in the last two decades. Ever since his playing days for Chelsea, he also managed Chelsea F.C. for the last three years (including this year), leading them to more success as a manager despite the troubles and hard comings. Thanks to u/Camango17 for posting this to the community.

3. Chelsea goalkeeper receives Budweiser for getting scored on by Messi

Budweiser sent out bottles of beer to every goalkeeper that Lionel Messi has scored on and how many he has scored on them so far in his illustrious soccer career. One of the Chelsea goalkeepers, Kepa Arrizabalaga, has twice been scored on by the soccer legend. No, it is nowhere near the most bottles. Cheers.

4. Rivalry shot at Liverpool

Last season, u/ClockLost3128 posted this video to the community, and it represents one of the big rivalries that Chelsea has, which happens to be Liverpool. At that point during the season, Liverpool had lost six home games in a row, and Chelsea fans were having a blast when they realized this. Chelsea fans will definitely love this video.

5. Before and after pics

This repost by u/mwani13 shows the before and after shots of Chelsea F.C. star Reece James posted by the star 4 months ago. These pictures show James getting medals in both pictures. One when he was a kid, and the other picture comes after he turns pro.

6. Transfer ban does not matter for Chelsea F.C.

This classic meme posted by u/GimlisTiredFeet represents how little the transfer ban mattered for a club like Chelsea. However, one of the biggest reasons why some in the community are grateful for the transfer was the development of players and having them develop under the system, which led to them winning the Champions League yet again in 2020.


In a competition hosted by Chelsea, fans had to name the highest-rated soccer player on the club’s website. Well, it turned out that u/haz_stark won this competition a year ago and was a little shocked that he won it. The Chelsea fan community is happy for him as he won his grand prize.

8. Clean Sheet Gang

This pic was posted by u/vinnaey to show appreciation to the guys on Chelsea F.C., who were shutting teams out throughout last season, having collected 18 clean sheets throughout the Premier League part of the season. Goalkeeper Édouard Mendy anchored last season’s clean sheet group.

9. BLM

This Black Lives Matter post by u/gin_and_jews represents the club and community’s support for the Black Lives Matter movement in the form of Chelsea F.C. kits.

10. Introducing this year’s squad

This video posted by u/Zarly88 showcases the squad for this upcoming season. This is a unique video because it shows how fun the players are to the world. The club does their version of the Family Matters beginning sequence, and it is hilarious. The fans of this club are going to be happy with this video the club put together.

That’s it for the 10 Best Chelsea F.C. Reddit Posts. Chelsea F.C. has a great fanbase, so be on the lookout for more wonderful content on Reddit!