Halo, the gift that keeps on giving. It’s been 20 years since the release of Halo: Combat Evolved on Xbox, and fans like myself are still playing old and new games alike. While the way gamers play might have evolved from LAN parties to massive online battlefields, Halo is a game that gives many of us a sense of nostalgia in every iteration. With Halo Infinite’s release right around the corner, let’s take a look at The Top 9 Halo Reddit Posts You Need to See.

1.) It’s a large world after all

Master Chief canonically is a seven-foot super-soldier, towering over the rest of the space marines in his Moljner Powered Assault Armour. That being said, in normal circumstances, Master Chief might have to duck under a lot of normal-sized doors and avoid low ceilings. But, as u/IBiteTheArbiter points out, it appears that people in Halo have seemingly already planned their architecture around this.

Looking at this picture, we can guess that the doors in Halo are roughly the size of two Spartans, making this door about 14 feet tall. This leaves plenty of clearance for our super soldiers.

2. Back In My Day

Many gamers participated in LAN parties, but there was always split-screen if you didn’t have that. Looking back at those times, u/mrbubbamac lets Sgt. Johnson remind the kids of today what’s up.

Ahh, Red vs. Blue, like the universe intended. I’m okay with all the new customization options, but it’s important to have perspective.

3. The Ai is learning

u/lexahex has been met with a terrible and humiliating defeat. In an act that was once only reserved for middle school kids that scream into their mics, an unlikely evolution of the game’s bots leads to this horrifying scene. If you’re particularly squeamish, I advise you now to look away.

u/lexahex states, “In the 18 years I’ve played halo, I have never seen an elite do this.” The barbaric act is caught on camera to show the world. This leads to the question, “How could this happen?” The only answer: AI has learned from the worst of the worst and become the monster we must defeat.

4. Halo Infinite Promo

When u/TheFamousPainting stepped out of their house, I’m sure the last thing they expected to see was this holy image of a spartan. “Haloed” in the sun’s light, the glorious image of our master chief floated above them, spreading the good word that Halo Infinite is on its way to bring us epic multiplayer salvation.

5. Okay, an actual promo

While maybe not as majestic as a giant spartan in the clouds, Halo Infinite is still coming this December. This multiplayer trailer has me excited for all the new gameplay mechanics they’re blending into that classic halo feel.

The creators wanted to respect the old Halos while bringing in new and refreshing ideas for the new chapter. Power-ups are now a consumable equipment item. The new vehicle, the Razorback, allows for the transport and storage of equipment and even objectives. Grappling hooks allow greater mobility and can pick up items from a distance. The customization brings concepts like “Personal AI” with different personality and voice options, making you feel like you are creating your own spartan. On top of this, you can customize each piece of armor, emblems, and even the soldier inside the suit. There are no loot boxes, and battle passes never expire, giving the players all the time they need to progress. We get a sneak peek at the samurai power armor in this trailer, and I’ll be going all-in on that. Oh, and multiplayer is free!

6. Across the galaxy

The original Halo was released 20 years ago, and in that time, fans have been playing together in the creative world. Bungie, one of the Halo publishers, has taken record that collectively the fans have been playing for an astonishing amount of time in this post shared by u/M3m3Commander.

7. The Way Back

Did I mention the battle pass in Halo Infinite will never expire? Because the battle pass in Halo Infinite will never expire. It seems 343 is looking to show other developers how it’s done, as this meme via/DeathByReach explains.

343 have said it themselves - they want to put the player first and want those players to play the game because of its unique and exciting gameplay.

8. There is no perfect sauce

All the Halo games up to this point have been unique, though the classic combat shines through. A marketing researcher said, “There is no perfect sauce, only perfect sauces.” There’s a halo game for all of us out there, and u/UnorthodoxBox101 is here to explain the differences.

If there ever was a “Perfect Sauce” in the Halo franchise, Halo Infinite is shaping up to try and claim that title.

9. Twenty years later

@kkajiaH shares this epic collaboration to celebrate 20 years of Halo.

There it is, the end of our list. We hope you enjoyed reading through the top 9 Halo Reddit Posts. Check in with us for future posts, especially after the release of Halo Infinite in December.