Riot Games has been a dominant force in the gaming industry ever since the launch of their record-breaking MOBA, League of Legends. Though they took their time with its release, Riot Games’ second title, Teamfight Tactics, took over the auto battler scene in force. The game is a spinoff of League of Legends and Dota Auto Chess, consisting of an online competition against seven other opponents. Players compete by selecting unit cards to build a team and empowering their chosen champions with items.

Like its big brother League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics has garnered a sizeable fanbase on the internet, including popular forums such as Reddit. Today, we will look at the nine best posts on the r/TeamfightTactics / subreddit from this past year!

1) Thumbnail Confusion

In our first post, Redditor u/TetSenpai brought up a common complaint amongst the TFT fan base. There is a lack of visual clarity due to similar Champion designs when attempting to pick out individual Champion cards. While this has always been a problem with TFT, it was especially bad at the launch of set 5, as it featured many visually similar skins. This problem is particularly troublesome for TFT players who aren’t as familiar with the Champions due to not playing League of Legends. Even veterans of both games left comments indicating their frustration. Hopefully, Riot can find a way to solve this problem, such as including the Champion names at the bottom of the thumbnail.

2) What IS My Purpose Meme

In a classic case of the new blood passing up its predecessors, many Riot Games fans now only launch the League of Legends client to play Teamfight Tactics! u/LegendaryLunk made this funny meme, referencing an iconic scene from the hit show Rick and Morty depicting just that! Unlike the game’s mobile version, PC players still need to access Teamfight Tactics as an alternate game mode within the League Client. With Riot seeing massive success with Teamfight Tactics from its healthy, casual, and competitive scene, it is surely only a matter of time until TFT is granted a standalone launcher of its own!

3) Ruined King Meme

Riot Games has plenty of character designs that inspire rabid fandoms, and the team seems to have landed another hit with the recent release of the champion Viego. Though they had received some criticism for oversexualizing their female characters, Riot seems to have responded to this criticism by equally sexualizing their male characters! Reddit user u/Hyproxplays thinks that the team might have gone a little too far with the suggestive wording on the title for this emote, though! What do you think? Does Riot Games deserve a good BONK?

4) Me and The Boys Meme

As things can change in a game with an evolving meta like Teamfight Tactics, some things seem to stay the same! This isn’t always a bad thing, though, and u/AfrostLord made this great meme to celebrate some classic champion and item combos that stayed relevant from the first released TFT set up to set 4. When you pick up a Garen, Evelyn, Sejuani, or Aatrox, you could still throw a few core items on them and feel strong. I, for one, found some comfort in that stability!

5) Demotivational Meme

It can be hard to grasp the best compositions to run or items to build, especially with constant additions and balance patches. You can do your research and practice in Normal mode but still fail hard in Ranked if you fail to get the right composition or items. Redditor u/ISkinn00RI made this painfully relatable comic meme demonstrating the feeling of chaining together a few bad losses in a row. No matter how mature or prepared you are, it hurts to get knocked out first!

6) New School Ninjas Meme

This fantastic comic, created and posted by Redditor and TFT player u/Oyeyo, features one of the most fun aspects of Teamfight Tactics and fantasy games in general: defying logic for the sake of awesomeness! For quite a while, one of the best items to build on melee assassins like Akali and Zed was a Rapid Fire Cannon, extending their range far beyond most ranged champions. It doesn’t matter that shooting kunai and throwing stars out of a gun doesn’t make any logical sense - it is just powerful and fun!

7) Ranked Flex Meme

One of the best aspects of having a shared client between TeamFight Tactics and League of Legends is the ability to flex your ranked emblems and banners on your account somewhat inconspicuously. This is especially true if you are much better at one game than the other! TFT, in particular, can feel like a much easier climb due to differences in the ranked points system. Your friends might all be better at traditional MOBAs, but did they earn this sweet new Diamond icon? u/shrimpTFT made this meme capturing the feeling of getting found out flexing!

8) Didn’t Think of That! Meme

Usually, tooltips are helpful messages from the developer tucked into User Interfaces to remind them of lesser-known mechanics or fit in cute or helpful story elements. However, with this specific tooltip, Riot seems to simply be telling struggling players to “Git Gud!”. Redditor u/Owlbusta used this Simpsons meme template to voice some playful frustration over the tip. If a player is losing and short on gold, I don’t think telling them to win to get gold is a good strategy!

9) All Hail the Choncc!

You can’t make a list about Teamfight Tactics without mentioning those adorable Little Legends!

That is why we believe we have saved the best for last with this post from u/julchen1461! Based on a scene from the TV show Brooklyn 99, this Redditor made sure we understood their love for the big chubby dragon character, literally named “Choncc,” and we agree! The Little Legend has an adorable dance and needs to be seen - he plays his belly like a drum! Fantastic design choice, Riot!

That’s it for our favorite TeamFight Tactics Reddit posts from the past year! With a new set always on the horizon, you can bet there will be more TFT content to come soon! See you all there, auto-battlers!