One of the oldest genres in the video game market is the action role-playing game or RPG. With so many different RPG titles released over the years, it is also one of the most competitive fields, and as such, one of the most challenging genres to leave a lasting impact on. Dungeon Fighter Online, or DFO, is one example of a multiplayer action role-playing game that has stood the test of time. DFO was developed and published by Neople, a subsidiary of Nexon.

Sixteen years later, Dungeon Fighter Online supports a respectable fanbase and has inspired generations of gaming fans to dedicate their unique creations to the title. Today, we are looking at our favorite eight fan creations, found as posts shared by DFO fans on the game’s subreddit, r/DFO.

8) Unwinding at the Tavern

Our first fan art to spotlight is a collaborative piece done by u/halfmango and u/-Noraly- on Reddit. It depicts four different girls from Arad: Delilah, Kiri, Siusha, and the sleepy Canna. On top of the great drawing, -Noraly- also takes the time to provide background context for each of the characters that they depict, which sparks a lot of conversation and appreciation amongst Dungeon Fighter Online fans within the comments.

7) DFO Fan Trailer

Dungeon Fighter Online can base so much of its success and longevity on the development team’s vision to continuously highlight the base product’s key strengths - simple retro gameplay, class variety, and fantastic sprite visuals. All of these aspects are highlighted in this amazing fanmade trailer created and shared by u/ProfessorDeMontfort. Though it is not fan art in a traditional sense, this trailer is the perfect thing to share with anyone interested in checking out DFO for the first time.

6) Some Alluring Hanielle Fan Art

Our next spot on the list is this amazing piece shared by u/LiaowenCC. This artwork depicts the alluring demon girl Hanielle of Seduction. The artist captured both the character’s appealing looks and power. Adventurers aiming to reach Sirocco are in for a real challenge!

5) Vetala Fan Art

Our next excellent piece of fan art was again shared by u/-Noraly-. This work centers on the merchant Blue Guardian Vetala, who can be found in the Silver Crown area of the game. On top of the helpful background information -Noraly- provides in their artwork on each post, the detail present on the characters and surrounding trees is spectacular.

4) Rogue in Action GIF

Redditor u/nunpoom surges into the next spot on our list with this awesome gif that they created of a Rogue character. The animation of the character gathering herself before launching off into action is very crispy and clear. As u/Bacon_Apocalyse shared in the comments, the Rogue’s stance and movements give off powerful Witchblade vibes.

3) Animated Wedding Fan Art

With quite the artistic flex, u/Limjio has claimed a top-three spot in the list by both drawing and animating this amazing clip of a wedding ceremony. The art depicts a Male Nen Master character, who is holding up his female crusader bride. The added motion highlights the romance and spiritual aspects of both character types, making the piece extremely impressive.

2) Creator Fanart

Our pick for the number two spot in the list is this adorable image of Creator enjoying some sweet potato ice cream! Creator is one of the most adorable and unique characters in the game, and both aspects are on full display here. This fanart was created and shared by u/DDDLOC, who has amassed a following on both Reddit and DeviantArt. The image could be lifted straight out of a DFO anime.

1) An Epic Showdown

We had to feature u/-Noraly- one more time on the list, though I am sure you can understand why! They have claimed the top spot on the list with this epic showdown between Blue Faced Asura Lone Roseberry and Red Ghost Soryun. The subtle use of color against the stark white background of the artwork made this particular art stand out. u/-Noraly- provided that this image was based on a showdown in Suckerpunch’s recent hit video game Ghost of Tsushima, and we can see that inspiration at work here. The picture looks lifted straight out of a classic samurai movie!

Those were our picks for the top eight best Fan Creations Dungeon Fighter Online, as shared on Reddit over the past year. With a fanbase as active and dedicated as DFO’s, it is easy to see why the game has lasted as long and seen as much success as it has. We can’t wait to see where the game goes as it heads into another new decade of beat-em-up action!