There have been many free-to-play online games that have come and go over the years. However, few have stood the test of time as successfully as Digital Extremes' hit third-person action shooter Warframe. Often compared to Bungie's Destiny upon its release in March of 2013, Warframe has set itself apart with its fast-paced cooperative action and profound lore. Let's check out the official Warframe subreddit (r/Warframe) and see what fans have been up to this year!

  1. Much Honor Meme

This funny meme video posted by user u/saldytuwas features a bit of a divide between the gameplay and Warframe's narrative. Though the Tenno are meant to fight with honor, the player's spinning death machine of a weapon appears to be anything but honorable! User u/crunchlets added a funny quip capturing the mood of the clip perfectly: "We fought with honor, and honor lost!"

2. Problems with the Profanity Filter

Reddit user u/UwUmeSenpai was trying to name their new weapon when they ran into this classic online gaming issue - an overly sensitive profanity filter! The Reddit thread was flooded with funny alternatives that they could use and similar situations encountered in other online titles like Phantasy Star Online and Runescape. At least the Pet name filter doesn't appear as restricted!

3. New Player Experience Meme

The gameplay mechanics of Warframe can go pretty deep and are often complicated. This complexity is rewarding for players who can learn those systems, but newer players can find themselves feeling lost! User u/pek217 captured this feeling in this meme when they couldn't figure out how squads worked. Other Redditors chimed in, agreeing that they also didn't know how this system worked. Luckily, u/JulianSkyes was able to explain, "It shows you how many cells actually in the mission with open slots are available the instant you open the star map.

Between cells waiting for more people to start, all the time you spend navigating to the mission, and the time you spend waiting to start, an open group could pop up at any moment." Thanks, Julian!

4. Lich Mistake Meme

As this meme posted by u/darkhunter1 illustrates, you can take a lot of loot away from any player, but don't touch their rivens! Rivens, shorthand for riven mods, are special weapons mods that can be attached to primary weapons, secondary weapons, melee weapons, archguns, and robotic weapons. They are especially cherished due to their uniqueness. As Reddit user u/jdotpdotfresh commented, "You don't mess with a tennos rivens. That's the one thing you never do."

5. 8th Anniversary Meme

When a game is played and supported for nearly ten years, there are bound to be a lot of changes. On occasion, veteran players can be salty when complaining about the quality of life changes, making the game "easier" for newer players. u/Darkhunter1 knew that this kind of exchange was the mark of a well-loved and developed game when they posted this funny meme in celebration of Warframe's eighth anniversary! Way to go, Warframe!

6. Stealth Tactics Meme

Sometimes game mechanics have to sacrifice realism to up the "cool" factor. This hilarious comic posted by u/darkhunter1 captures one of these examples by depicting the use of a cloaking arrow. Is it better to be shot with an arrow in the stomach or found by your enemies?  You can make that decision for your escort mission allies! The developers certainly appreciated the humor, with developer u/rebulast commenting, "my morning coffee was not prepared for this comedy"!

7. Things to Do in Warframe

When a game has deep and varied content, as Warframe does, it can be hard to summarize everything you can do to new or interested players. Luckily, u/Corpas put together this video highlighting some of the awesome things you can do. How many other games can boast fishing systems, playing instruments, skating, and blowing up ships as all part of their features? As u/ShieldMaiden63 pointed out, they even forgot one of the most fun activities - playing dress-up with your player character. Yay Fashion-frame!

8. Think Tenno Meme

In this great meme posted by u/cosmo-viking, a player's Tenno has seemingly received a beatdown from The Stalker. The Stalker is a dangerous enemy in Warframe, dishing out tons of damage and carrying a vengeful hatred of the Tenno faction.  The meme is inspired by a scene from a new animated adult cartoon, Invincible. Judging by the comments in the thread, the show is just as popular as the game!

9. What the game is really about!

With a game as long-running and complex as Warframe, the community tends to think too analytically about their gameplay. It can be enjoyable to find the most efficient ways to play, but it is important to remember that not everyone - especially newer players - is always concerned with that kind of efficiency. Warframe is a game, and games should be fun!

10. An uplifting story

Although most of the posts on this list have showcased the Warframe community's sense of humor, this thread started by u/SightlessSenshi serves as a fantastic example of just how much the game can mean to all players and how supportive developer Digital Extremes is of their fans. U/SightlessSenshi is blind but has enjoyed playing Warframe using his mouse and keyboard while his wife assisted him by moving and shooting with the PS4 controller. However, a hotfix unintentionally broke his ability to use his mouse and keyboard and, therefore, play the game. The game meant a lot to him and his wife, and they even got married to one of the songs from the game's soundtrack, so he was crushed when he thought he might lose the game forever. However, the Warframe community rallied together to grab the Digital Extremes developers' attention on Reddit, and together they were able to find and resolve the issue. Moments like these cement what being part of a gaming community can mean to an individual.

That's it for our Best 10 Warframe Reddit posts for now. However, with a game as popular and long-standing as Warframe, I'm sure it will be worth a revisit soon. Until then, Tennos!