Nowadays, the political landscape is evolving into a comedic scene, which is either good or bad, depending on one's perspective. This comedy-club type of template for public performance, disruption, and reaction is now recreated in various political situations, not least in and around the institutions of democracy.

This, perhaps, is why professionals and quasi-comedians are gaining some advantage in the new political landscape. Media influence also plays a significant role in molding public observation over the past decades, as the 24-hour news cycle has normalized, leading to fewer critics in the public sphere. This diverts attention in specific directions and instead encourages audience response.

Take a lot at our Best 10 Funniest Reddit Political Humor list.

1. Trump Outrage Election Result Meme

"StarTribune: Trump sees the results - 9/16/2021"

During the 2020 presidential elections, when then-President-elect Biden won 290 electoral votes, former President Donald Trump had refused to concede with 214. Instead, the latter posted a long and fiery tweet in a Trumpian fashion, claiming election fraud. He noted that he received over seventy million legal votes, but Biden got more than seventy-four million votes.

This meme posted on Reddit Political Humor by u/lasocs depicts how Trump had supposedly felt upon finding out the election result.

2. Effective Vaccination Drive Meme

"Two birds, one stone."

Many people are still uncertain or unwilling to get vaccinated, which presents major barriers in managing the COVID-19 pandemic in the long run. This unwillingness is caused by the general mistrust in vaccines and concerns about future side effects. Public health information should be tailored to address these concerns.

Humorously, u/salawm shared a tweet on how to get the Biden administration to encourage more people to be vaccinated.

3. True Believers Meme

"The 'Religious Exemption'"

Following President Biden's announcement last September 9, 2021, many Americans are wary of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. But it seems there are many leaders offering ways to get exemptions, especially the religious ones.

Although no major organized religious groups officially discouraged the vaccine, pastors from New York to California have offered letters to help their parishioners, and sometimes anyone who asks, avoid getting vaccinated, as shown in the meme posted on Reddit Political Humor by u/zzill6.

4. Private Business Mandatory Vaccination Meme

"Florida's Witch Hunt"

Most big companies require their employees to get vaccinated, as the highly contagious Delta variant is sweeping across the country, while only about half of Americans are fully vaccinated. In the first few weeks of August, many retailers, banks, tech companies, airlines, and health companies have told their employees that vaccination is no longer optional.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has threatened to impose a hefty fine on city and county governments that require their employees to get vaccinated against Covid. He said that the State will fine local governments $5,000 for every employee forced to be vaccinated to continue working, as pointed out in a meme by u/tempted_temptress.

5. Anti-Maskers Meme

"Grandeur delusion"

(Posted by u/Pleasant-Force)

During the COVID-19 outbreak, wearing masks have become a highly heated point of contention, and it's not rare for strangers to confront each other in public over the issue. A small vocal segment of the population refused and ignored the growing evidence that masks make a difference in combating COVID-19. Animosity has developed toward those who believe that, at the very least, wearing a mask can't hurt.

Others view masks as lifesavers, and CDC has stressed that masks and face coverings are critical in reducing the spread of COVID-19, especially when used within communities.

6. Political Wing Meme

"The only acceptable political wing"

In the political spectrum, there are two common factions. One is the left-wing liberals who generally support progressive reforms, especially those seeking greater economic and social equality.

Meanwhile, the right-wing conservatives are groups and people, their positions included, generally disposed to preserving existing institutions and conditions or wanting to restore traditional ones and limit change. It's kind of difficult for a person to accept both philosophies. That's why uLieutenantJosephi posted on Reddit Political Humor a meme of an acceptable political wing—the chicken wing.

7. California Gov. Newsom Recall Victory Meme

"Elder Abuse

On Tuesday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom defeated a recall aimed at removing him from office early. He bolted to a quick victory that was boosted by a healthy turnout in the overwhelmingly Democratic state. The governor cast the win as a victory for his handling of liberal and pandemic issues.

Newsom became the second governor in U.S. history to defeat a recall, cementing his reputation as a prominent figure in national Democratic politics, preserving his prospects for a future run. (Posted on u/AndrewWuzHere11)

8. Anti-Vaxxers Meme

"Entitled Anti-Vaxxers"

(Posted by uMillionDollar2021)

People who contradict the use of vaccines for various reasons are called anti-vaxxers, as seen in the post on Reddit Political Humor. Some view vaccines as an infringement of their human rights. These groups typically deny the validity or existence of the science supporting its use in the general population.

On the other hand, vaccines are considered one of the most effective and safest health interventions for infectious diseases such as COVID-19, with a staggering impact on reducing the burden of infectious cases globally.

9. Vaccine vs. Alternative Medicine Meme

"Science Fiction"

If a person is infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, it multiplies and attacks the body system, causing the host to develop the illness. It can take several days or weeks for the body to recuperate with the help of the immune system.

Nonetheless, some people instead take a different approach in combating the virus, such as taking Ivermectin, used to treat parasitic diseases. Although it's approved for human use in treating infections caused by parasitic worms, head lice, and skin conditions like rosacea, the FDA does not approve or authorize it to treat or prevent COVID.  (Posted by u/FreedomsPower)

10. Recall Election Meme

"Before & After the Recall."

The gubernatorial recall election against Gavin Newsom has cost taxpayers an estimated $276 million, the state estimated. However, it doesn't take into account the amount of money spent on campaigns, both Gov. Newsom's efforts to keep his post, as well as the attempts to gain traction by his rivals. (Posted on Reddit Political Humor by u/ntlane2004)

That's all we have for the 10 Best Reddit Political Humor posts. Our current political landscape is sure to inspire more memes and jokes, so stay tuned for more hilarious content!