The FPS market has had plenty of new flavor-of-the-month entries that have come and gone in the past few years. However, despite the influx of new choices, there is still a strong market for the assic realism-based hardcore shooter. One of the best modern examples of this is Escape from Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov, or EFT for short, is a multiplayer hardcore first-person shooter, still being developed by Battlestate Games. Though the game has officially been in a beta state since 2017, it has gathered a large following of players and streamers. Curious to know more about the game and its community? Here are some of the best posts from the EFT community on Reddit found on r/EscapefromTarkov.

1) A Once In a Lifetime Shot

Starting off our list with a literal bang, u/danesaur shared this incredible clip of themselves scoring a double kill. They managed to line up the perfect shot, taking down two separate opponents with a single bullet from their M61. As other Redditors called out in the comments on the thread, the bullet possibly scored the second kill via a ricochet. If that’s the case, this is an example of both amazing skill and luck!

2) Fanmade Gun Pixel Art

Next, we are sharing some incredible community fanart! Redditor and artist 7PMu/brobot- shared this awesome pixel art that they made, depicting every gun currently available within Escape From Tarkov! EFT may be the farthest possible thing from a 2D handheld platformer, so it is cool to see the game’s assets presented in this style.

3) Helpful Map Meme

One of the most important strategies for teams playing shooters on expansive maps like Escape from Tarkov is to develop easy and recognizable callouts for specific points on the map. Of course, sometimes this is easier said than done! U/pimack created this funny meme of a map with his friends, which is a little bit less than helpful. Still, it was at least good for a laugh!

4) Mom Gets a Kill

More violent video games are sometimes a hard sell to many parents, and EFT can fall into that category. But while some parents may see a problem, others can instead find an opportunity to bond! That seems to be what has happened here in this clip submitted by u/Genocides. In the clip, he can be seen playing alongside his mother, who manages to snipe an opponent after a few attempts. Great shot, mom!

5) No Recoil Bug

One of the major selling points of a game like Escape from Tarkov is realism. Players have to hone their aim and learn to control the various weapons available. Having no recoil on your gun could present a major advantage to a player in a system like that. U/Khanny captured this clip of that very thing happening due to a bug with their ADAR setup, and the result looks pretty wild. Luckily, developer u/trainfender confirmed in a comment that this bug only affected offline PVE mode.

6) Skybox Suggestion

One of the best aspects of playing a game still undergoing development is the ability to suggest changes. This clip is an example of a very popular suggestion put together by u/eZstah. They have compiled a few different examples of how the game would look with different, dynamic Skyboxes, and they look incredible. What game wouldn’t benefit from a few more godrays, after all!  Redditor u/Hero6152 put it best, “Wow this changes the feel of the game completely and I love it”. Let’s hope this is a change that the developers can implement!

7) Weapon Examine Meme

After each game reset or wipe, players have to redo “training” by re-examing items, including their weapons. This can be tedious and immersion-breaking, especially as the player character is meant to be a trained soldier! However, players understand the mechanic is intended to help those new to the game. Of course, that didn’t stop u/Thecountrymatt from creating this meme!

8) 3D Fan Art

Next, we have another art post! U/SixOneZil posted some awesome 3D Fan art of their AR in Escape from Tarkov. This is an especially impressive work as they are new to tablet art and completed the image in just three hours! The EFT player base is exceptionally talented. Check out the detail put into the gun’s accessories and engravings! This would make a great wallpaper for any EFT fan.

9) Factory Office Diorama

Next, we have a very creative submission by u/SharpHorizon, who created a Diorama set in an iconic EFT location, the inner factory office. The player character flexes some rare gear, carrying a VSS sniper rifle complete with a PSO scope! It is awesome to see the game space recreated in real life.

10) Dropped a Grenade

The last entry on the list sums up the Escape from Tarkov experience. Fun, heartbreak, and unfortunate antics. In this clip shared by u/AVGonePC, he had a successful day and is about to extract with what looks like a ton of great loot. Then, one of his party members accidentally throws a grenade, blowing up the whole team less than a second before extracting. At least everyone was able to get a laugh out of the ordeal!

That is all we had for our list of the best 10 Escape from Tarkov Posts from Reddit. Are you inspired to create some clips? Or maybe you are encouraged to create some Fanart yourself? If so, we might see your post make this list next time we visit Tarkov!