First launched in August of 2018, Epic Seven is a 2-D, turn-based RPG which has become popular among Mobile gaming fans due to its anime-inspired art style, action-fueled gameplay, and regular new content releases.

One of the best aspects of a gacha system game like Epic Seven is the hype built around specific characters. As a result, fans grow attached to new characters and their designs, spawning some truly awesome art. Today, we are ranking some of our favorite fan art pieces that we found on the official Epic Seven subreddit (r/EpicSeven).

1) Top Model Luluca

The list is starting strong with this Top Model look for Luluca. The Top Model variant of this character is a dark mage best suited for taking down enemies with her damage-sharing abilities. I’m getting some tsundere vibes for her pose in this fan art, shared by Reddit user u/YoMikeeHey!

2) Landy and Flan Art

User u/onetwomoon went for the one-two punch when they posted their art of Landy and Flan, with a great response from Epic 7 fans! Although Flan had been created to be a darker character with her backstory, the robot girl’s charming side is coming through perfectly in this drawing! We also get a very different look at the sometimes more serious character Landy, which is enjoyable!

3) Cyber Luna Skin Concept

u/onetwomoon is back again with another awesome fan art image at number three, with this lovely Cyber skin concept for Luna. The originality of the new skin concept scored some points here, and the high-tech elements look cool paired up with Luna’s ice warrior abilities. It is a good thing this isn’t a real skin, or the wallets of many Luna fans might be in some significant danger!

4)  Iseria and Cermia art

Another joint character art piece has made its way onto the list! This art was done by r/lutile_ep7 and shared by u/YoMikeeHey. Cermia doesn’t seem to mind having to carry Iseria around, which makes sense! She is an extremely powerful warrior unit in the game and a total fan favorite because of it. That, and she’s perfectly suited for adorable moments like these. Even though Iseria is usually a support attacker herself, it is nice to see her supported here!

5) Roana Art

u/KaizerNazrin posted this spectacularly detailed art of Roana unwinding after what must have been a long day of Soul Weaving. Her looks in this art also match her game abilities perfectly - a charm like hers would be impossible to counter! This art was credited to the artist Goback, who is an active artist on Pixiv.

6) Tenebria Art

Tenebria’s in-game skill is Seductive Smile, and I think that smile is captured perfectly in this art posted by u/KaizerNazrin, credited to Wakahiko. The Phantom Queen is well represented, with just enough chaos and cruelty hidden behind her eyes. This is an excellent interpretation of a fan-favorite character!  Wakahiko is another great artist who shares their work on Pixiv.

7) Landy Closeup Art

Speaking of fan-favorites, our favorite Chief of Police character, Landy, makes a second appearance on the list, and for good reason! This was another image posted by u/YoMikeeHey, and credited to @hisa_gbf on Twitter! The image was popular with many fans, including me, due to the similar aesthetic to another anime-inspired game: Persona 5! What an incredible meeting of artistic styles. I wonder if we could see a Panther or Queen crossover in Epic Seven sometime?

8) ML Lilibeth Concept

My feelings on this art were summed up by u/E_B_Saucin, and Lilitbeths cat “The Cat: All hail the Queen.” This was another fantastic original art piece, posted by the artist u/onetwomoon. It is easy to see why they are so popular within the Epic Seven Reddit community! Those colors are amazing!

9) Kise and Arky!

Reddit user and artist r/maomuu really upped the ante with this fantastic artwork of Kise in several forms and poses. The use of color and the dynamic composition of this piece blew me away - as well as the many users on the subreddit! Of course, the adorable inclusion of Arky in complete fluffy form didn’t hurt either!  Kise is an epic Ice Thief character, which u/maomuu wanted to draw to practice more mature character styles. It looks like that practice has paid off!

10) The Power of Landy

Making her third and final appearance on the list, Landy is featured again with this jaw-dropping art posted by u/motionsky and credited to Pixiv artist Vardan. Unlike the other images, Landy is pictured with her full might on display. Her confidence and power are oozing from this image. U/Workal captured the feelings of the subreddit in this comment: “Smilegate needs to hire Vardan as one of their artists cause damn this is awesome!”

That was my ranking for the Top 10 Fan Art pieces submitted on the Epic Seven subreddit. How would you have ranked them? Are you inspired to draw some fan art yourself? If so, make sure to keep posting your art on Reddit - the Epic Seven community will embrace it as they did with all of this amazing content!