Though the mobile game scene is a relatively new and more casual gaming space, several mobile titles have challenged traditional platforms regarding game quality and fan base. “Gatcha” based games, which are usually free to play but earn money through having players try to attain new characters and items, are at the forefront of the mobile scene. Arknights, a free-to-play tower defense game developed by Studio Montagne and Hypergryph, is one of the best examples.

Here we look at some of the Arknight fan base’s best Reddit posts over the past year, as found on the official Arknight subreddit for the game, r/arknights!

1) Rainbow 6 Crossover Meme

In truly one of the most unique and ambitious crossover events in video game history, Arknights recently collaborated with Rainbow Six: Siege. The event went live officially on August 18th of this year, and fans from both series were happily surprised. This comic, posted by Redditor u/ATalkingDoubleBarrel, was made in response to the announcement of the event. Hilariously, the character Tachanka is virtually unchanged in Arknights. You can’t mess with perfection!

2) Lacent-2 and Gavial meme

This funny meme, referencing the iconic quote from the Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why, was posted on Reddit by u/DVmanXII in response to a recent event featuring Gavial and Lacent-2. Gavial’s cute charm managed to win over a lot of players, while the fanbase collectively joked about Lancet-2 needing a bikini skin to go along with Gavial’s look during the event. Who wouldn’t love seeing that little robot medic in its very own swimsuit? Take notes, Hypergrph!

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3) Aged Up Ifrit Fan Art

u/Savalis986 shared this fantastic fan art, credited to the artist Wulifeng, featuring an aged-up version of popular Blast Caster Ifrit. On top of being incredibly well-drawn, the art features some cool nods to the game’s lore, including this character’s connection to the character Saria. The Arknight fandom has some incredibly talented and passionate fans among their ranks.

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4) A Day in Rhodes Island Fan Art

As one might expect from such a visually driven game, Arknights has generated a lot of fantastic fan art. u/Borcuse shared a collection of art by Pixiv artist Kurodoki focused on sharing day-in-the-life glimpses of the game’s most notable characters, including this cute morning image of Amiya. The detail of the characters and background are impressive and help make the world of Arknights feel more real. It is incredible to see the art that the game can inspire!

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5) 50K Instagram Followers Celebration

Last May, Arknights hit a momentous milestone - they reached 50k total followers on their official Instagram account! Hypergryph and Yostar celebrated this achievement with this cute animated video on their Instagram account, then shared again on Reddit by user u/ShadowIDN. 50k followers on any platform is a huge achievement, and this kind of popularity can only lead to more future success for the game.

6) An Amazing Amiya Cosplay

Redditor and cosplayer u/mollymishy shared this impressive cosplay of Amiya with the rest of the fanbase, and she nailed the look of the Arknights protagonist. Even her expression in the photo is a perfect match for the source character.

u/StarberryLemonade comments on this uncanny resemblance, “I don’t usually care much about cosplay because the costume may be well done but the person wearing it looks nothing like the actual character.

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Then you come along. My God it’s a spitting image. Well done on the costume too I’ll go ahead and mention.”

7) Reactions to Official Art from Liduke

The incredible talent of the artists working on the Arknights games is one of the driving forces behind the game’s substantial success. When the game’s illustrator Liduke shares some new official art, the Arknight fans always react! Fans were especially excited by the costume designs featured in the artwork, as Liduke is a noted master of the backless dress. His prowess is on full display here!

8) Jessica Cat memes

This funny meme, created by u/Maozi_Dan, compares the lovely sniper catgirl, Jessica, with some classic cat meme images. The results are hilarious! As some other Redditors have commented, I hope that  u/Maozi_Dan continues this series, as I think the “Woman Yelling At Cat” meme template would be a perfect sequel to this!

9) Waverider Skadi Cosplay

Another talented cosplayer has made our list of Best Arknight Reddit posts, and I am sure you can see why! u/Suikacosplayyy shared her cosplay of Skadi, wearing the outfit featured in her Waverider skin! Again, both costume and cosplayer mirror the character in the game very well, and the orca plushie is a great touch. u/Suikacosplayyy confirmed that the best part about this cosplay is getting to hit people with the plushie!

10) Arknight Writing Meme

While some gacha games can be accused of having lazy or overly simple writing, Arknights has become famous for leaning too far in the opposite direction. Arknights gives its characters real and complex dialogue, but sometimes their word choices can leave room for confusion! The fans poke some light fun at the developers with this funny meme posted by e/minh2803vn. Though the writing might cause a few laughs or head scratches, I think fans are happy to have a developer who cares about their writing.

That’s it for our Best 10 Arknights Reddit posts. I can’t wait to see what new and exciting collaborations, cosplays, and fan art spotlights are around the corner from this growing fanbase. The sky’s the limit for this ambitious mobile game, and I will be eagerly awaiting their next innovations!